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JR On Sting’s WWE Debut, Vince Grants Wish, NJPW US TV Deal Update

Jim Ross wished he wasn’t spoiled about Sting, Vince McMahon meets elderly fan, and New Japan on AXS TV in US update.

Daniel Bryan Returns On RAW, Sting’s WWE Status, Charlotte Talks Ric Flair’s Legacy

Daniel Bryan takes control of RAW, more on Sting’s WWE debut, and Charlotte Flair talks walking in father’s footsteps.

Sting At RAW? Steve Austin Interviewing Vince, Roman Reigns Return Update, NJPW On US TV

WWE tease Sting for RAW! Live Steve Austin Podcast on Network, Roman Reigns back next month, NJPW on AXS TV in US.

Sting and Randy Orton At Tonight’s Survivor Series? Chris Jericho Jokes, New Stardust Look

Sting and others to make surprise appearance at Survivor Series? Final card, Y2J jokes about appearance, Stardust debuting new look.

Band Calls For Attack On CM Punk, Kevin Steen NXT Video, Zack Ryder Update, Mickie James Talks WWE Return

Ben Weasel wants fans to attack CM Punk, Kevin Steen debut promo video, Zack Ryder’s injury, Mickie open to WWE return.

Sheamus Really Injured? Most Watched Network Shows, Y2J Update, Can Hogan Pass Medical? Santino On RAW

Sheamus posts hospital photo, Most watched WWE Network shows, Jericho not appearing on TV, Can Hulk pass WWE’s testing?

Legit Funny Cena Commercial, WWE Partners With Warner Bros, New PPV Stipulation, Shield DVD

John Cena in Foot Locker commercial, WWE’s new DVD partner, The Shield DVD details, New Cena vs Authority Stipulation.

TNA Formally Announces New TV Deal With Destination America: Trailer and Details

TNA Wrestling announced today that Impact wrestling is moving to Destination USA, starting January 2015.

New Traditional Survivor Series Match, Network Adds New Features, Would Bulldog’s Daughter Wrestle?

Divas Survivor Series match announced, WWE Network adds Watchlist, and Bulldog’s daughter Georgia interviewed.

Alberto Del Rio To Work For Two TV Promotions

Alberto Del Rio to work with TNA and Lucha Underground?

Jericho At Rumble? Marc Mero Heart Update, Warrior Viral Project, Victoria Catches Husband Texting

Chris Jericho advertised before Rumble, Marc Mero enlarged heart update, Say Thank You Warrior, Awkward Victoria Tweet.

Lesnar Back To UFC? New IC Champ, Fandango’s New Valet, Next Week’s Host, WWE Week On USA

Brock Lesnar interested in fighting again, Luke Harper wins gold, Rosa Mendes with Fandango, Larry Cable Guy guest hosting.

Bryan Still Hopes For Rumble Return, RAW Preview, MMA Star At NXT, Marc Mero Has Heart Issue

Daniel Bryan still aiming for January, Grumpy cat RAW preview, Stephan Bonnar at NXT, Marc Mero suffering from heart issues.

Fandango Returning, Hogan Calls Austin a Coward, Former Football Star Gives Tour

Fandango back soon, Hulk continues to trash talk Austin, and Stuart Tomlinson gives Performance Center tour.

Maddox Return Nixed? Beth Phoenix Talks Motherhood, Jericho Praises Ambrose In Promo

Brad Maddox moved to alumni, Beth talks having kids with Edge, and Watch Chris Jericho house show promo.

Great Khali Retired? PWI Top Women’s List, New WWE Scooby Doo Project

Great Khali no longer active, Paige tops PWI list, New WWE Scooby Doo movie features Hogan.

WWE Pays Off Del Rio, Reigns Return Date, Vickie Remembers Eddie, Foley Show On Network

WWE paid Del Rio to drop Racism claim? Roman Reigns back for Rumble, Eddie died 9 years ago, Foley stand-up on WWE Network.

Heyman Tommy Dreamer Heat, Edge Shoots On Attitude Era, Bulldog’s Daughter Backstage

Tommy Dreamer shoots on ECW Exposed, Edge says Attitude Era lacked wrestling, Georgia Smith catches up with Tyson Kidd.

Paul Heyman Stands By CM Punk, Kamala Hospitalized, Who Rollins Wants In WWE

Paul Heyman praises CM Punk on ECW special, Kamala has stomach infection, Rollins wants Young Bucks in WWE.

CM Punk MMA Video, Vince Trolls UK Crowd, Erick Rowan Wants Renee?

CM Punk rolls with Ryron and Rener Gracie, Vince McMahon turns heel on UK fans, and Erick Rowan’s storyline.

Jim Ross Confirmed For Jeff Jarrett’s GFW New Japan Event, Listen To First GFW Podcast

Jim Ross is back at the announce table working for Jarrett’s GFW, and we discuss all the news so far about the project.

Grumpy Cat Hosting RAW, Rollins Wants To Be Top Heel, Del Rio Makes Statement

Grumpy Cat guest hosting next week, Seth Rollins talks Main Eventing HIAC, and Alberto Del Rio and WWE come to terms.

UK Footballer Makes NXT Debut, WWE Hides Network Logo, Lucha Underground Ratings

Stuart Tomlinson makes NXT debut, WWE hides Network Logo on UK tour, and Lucha Underground rating increases.

Zack Ryder Injured, Belfast Hate On Ziggler, Barrett Talks WWE Schedule

Zack Ryder may need surgery, Fans bored with Cesaro vs Ziggler, Wade Barrett talks WWE’s gruelling schedule.

WWE Asks Fans About TNA, Foley Wants To Be GM, Sheamus Talks UK PPV, Cena vs Ryback

WWE surveys fans’ viewing habits, Mick Foley wants to replace Authority, Sheamus talks NFL vs WWE in UK, Cena vs Ryback on RAW.

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