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Jericho Talks TNA, Would WWE Sign TNA Stars? Gail Talks 6 Sides, Tyrus Update

Have TNA ever contacted Jericho? JR on if WWE should sign TNA stars, Gail Kim on going back to 6 sides, Tyrus storyline update.

Employee Del Rio Slapped Gone From WWE, AJ Lee Wants Hell In A Cell Match, Kane Talks Beating Austin

Employee involved in Del Rio firing also gone, AJ says women can do Cell matches too, Kane on WWE’s gruelling schedule.

Time Heels: A Celebration of All That Is BAD

Review: Time Heels: Cheating, Stealing, Spandex, and the most villainous moments in the history of pro wrestling.

Kurt Angle Health Update, GFW Doing TV Tapings? Matt Hardy Talks TNA’s Bad Reputation

Kurt Angle back in the gym, GFW considering Las Vegas for tapings? Matt Hardy talks working for TNA.

Chyna Shoots On Stephanie, UFC Open To Lesnar Return, Cena On Why He Won’t Turn Heel

Chyna calls Stephanie a hypocrite, Dana White open to working with Lesnar, Cena says heel turn bad for business.

Jeff Jarrett Meets With ROH, Rey Mysterio’s Future, WWE Gives Maria Scholarship

Jeff Jarrett met with ROH yesterday, Rey Mysterio waiting for WWE contract to expire, Former WWE Diva gets tuition paid for.

John Morrison Shoots On WWE, Jericho Says WWE Is Better Now, Cesaro Sick of Orton vs Cena

John Morrison on Dolph Ziggler’s lack of push, 2014 better than Attitude Era? Cesaro shoots on Orton vs Cena.

Randy Orton Injured? Did Ambrose Steal Roman’s Spot? Lesnar Falsely Advertised

Orton injured on RAW? Dean Ambrose on if he stole Roman Reigns’ spot, fans thought Lesnar would be at SmackDown.

John Cena Producing Reality Show? Sami Zayn Has Faith In Triple H, The Shockmaster Speaks

John Cena doing non-wrestling show, Sami Zayn talks NXT and Triple H, and Fred Ottman interview.

Adam Pearce To WWE? Stephanie Denies Total Divas Rule, RAW Audience Tanks

Adam Pearce to be WWE Trainer? Total Divas not barred from Divas title? RAW audience lowest since Memorial Day.

Mick Foley’s Surprise Return, Heyman Gets RKO, Slam City Picked Up By Nick Toons

Mrs Foley’s baby boy is back on RAW, Cena vs Orton will be Contender’s match, and Nickelodeon teams up with WWE.

Mickie James Back To WWE? Justin Roberts Replacement Confirmed, Paige and Alicia Join Total Divas

Mickie James wants to return to WWE? Eden debuting as SmackDown announcer, more Divas added to reality show.

Legendary Ox Baker Passes Away At 80 Years Old

Territory star Ox Baker passes away from heart attack at 80 years old.

Hulk At RAW Preview, WWE Scout Uhaa Nation, Soccer Player Does RKO

On the card for RAW, Uhaa Nation gets WWE tryout, and Gary Harkins celebrates with RKO.

The Rock Confronted By Great Muta In Japan, Justin Roberts Update

Great Muta invades Hercules event in Tokyo and confronts The Rock, Justin Roberts writing autobiography.

New Undertaker Photo, JR Speculates About Austin’s Return, Kevin Steen On NXT Graphic

The Undertaker at Longhorns game, Jim Ross rips the IWC over Austin rumors, and Kevin Steen on NXT promo material.

The Boogeyman Returns To WWE? Rollins Resents The Rock? Bo Dallas Praises NXT

The Boogeyman is back for Halloween, Seth Rollins discusses “Part Timers” and Bo Dallas puts over NXT.

Kofi Once Wrestled Vince? Ambrose Talks First Acting Gig, Natalya On Being Barred From Title

Kofi vs Vince happened on a plane, Ambrose jokes about acting role, and Natalya talks Total Divas cast being barred from title.

The Internet Just Got Randy Orton Over: WWE Needs To Capitalize

How WWE can use the viral RKO Vine compilation video to turn Randy Orton face.

Russo Calls Dixie A Massive Mark, Kurt Angle Staying With TNA?

Vince Russo’s theory why James Mitchell left TNA, and WWE wouldn’t give Angle part time deal.

Orton vs Cena Will Be PPV Main Event, Slammys Update, Kane Talks Character Changes

John Cena vs Randy Orton to headline Hell In a Cell, Slammys get new date, Kane talks comedy and corporate characters.

Fan Snubbed By CM Punk, JBL Denies Justin Roberts Incident, Mojo Rawley Injured

Fan shares negative CM Punk story, Justin Roberts didn’t flip off Michael Cole, and Mojo Rawley needs surgery?

Justin Roberts Update, Kane Wants Sting? Foley Gets TV Deal, NFL Blocks XFL? Slammys Cancelled?

Justin Roberts protects his name, Kane wants to wrestle Sting? Mick Foley teases new TV deal, NFL still worried about XFL?

Batista Arm Wrestling Pic, JR On Reigns Main Eventing Mania, Gail Kim Talks WWE Divas Division

Batista Arm wrestles fan on set, JR says Reigns will get the title, Gail Kim on Knockouts vs Divas.

Justin Roberts Statement, Celeb Wants Bulldog In HOF, Brad Maddox Returns

Justin Roberts thanks fans, The Hoff wants British Bulldog in HOF, Brad Maddox returns on WWE App.

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