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Ziggler Talks Concussions, Beth Phoenix On WWE Network? Kane On Fox

Dolph Ziggler Talks Concussions and WWE Network’s Adam Martin joined The Shark Show on 94.1 KRNA on Wednesday (2/26) with host the Shark to talk with WWE star Dolph Ziggler about the launch of the WWE Network, Hulk Hogan’s return, concussions and WWE in Cedar Rapids this Saturday. Here are some highlights:

On Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE during the 2/24 RAW:

Hulkster came out, the roof came unglued, as a fan I couldn’t believe he was back here working for the same company that I work for. Every year I see him on something else and he looks exactly the same. He’s like our Dick Clark.

On the launch of the WWE Network this week:

We’re all excited for it. We know that, you know, you’re always waiting to see what happens and waiting to see how this goes. We’ve been preparing for it for literally years. We’ve been doing interviews for years to get shows ready. Whatever happens Pay Per View wise, we know that no matter what we do, as long as we put out a great product, so many of the WWE Universe want to be part of this because it’s affordable, because of everything that it offers. I think it’s going to be great for everybody.

On suffering two concussions in one year:

I think the concern comes getting one and coming back too quickly while you’re still damaged. WWE has been so in depth and so over the top with protecting everyone that even when I was medically cleared, they still waited much longer to make sure I was fully recovered. As far as we know, medically cleared for weeks before I ever got back in the ring to check it out. We go above and beyond knowing what we know now about concussions and if I had any concerns, there is no way in hell I’d be back in the ring. My brain is way too smart to get it ruined. We’ve taken precautions and I took my sweet time getting back in that ring and now I feel like a million bucks.

Beth Phoenix Filmed WWE Network Footage

Former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix noted in a Tweet that she filmed content for the WWE Network prior to leaving the company in 2012.

“I did tons of interviews, superstar impressions and rants for the WWE Network before I left. Glad it’s finally getting seen!”

WWE holds back a tonne of interviews for DVDs and other projects and also often rehashes content for new purposes. A lot of stars also came in expressly to film Network content. So don’t be surprised to see some familiar faces in the coming weeks.

Kane Appears On Fox Show

Libertarian Glen “Kane” Jacobs was on the The Independents on the FOX Business Network this week to discuss his political philosophy.

He reiterated that he’s not planning to run for government office but said he may consider getting in to politics some time in the future – “never say never”.

When asked about pro wrestling misconceptions Kane said that some people consider wrestlers not to be the brightest, but many WWE stars have college degrees and high levels of education, played professional sports and are interested in politics.

The Independents was launched as Fox’s way to capitalize on the growing Libertarian movement that has primarily been reserved for the internet.

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