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Ziggler Shoots On Punk, Reigns Addresses Haters, Bischoff’s Big Regret, Kevin Owens On Triple H

Dolph Ziggler Shoots On CM Punk

It seems Dolph Ziggler was scripted to take a thinly veiled shot at CM Punk during his return promo on SmackDown last night. The WWE Twitter account even Tweeted what he said:

Speaking of Punk he attended a Less Than Jake concert on Wednesday night and looked to be having a blast:

Roman Reigns Fires Back At Critics

Roman Reigns fired back at his critics in a recent interview Crave Online:

Yeah, I think its hard not to pay attention these days with all of the social media networks and all of the different outlets. It’s so easy to connect with fans nowadays. You know, I have a Twitter and things like that. I’m not a crazy Twitter guy to where I’m tweeting out stuff every day and rarely even once a week, do I tweet. But I mean, occasionally, I read some stuff.

The funny part is, you have a guy like me who is kind of getting like a mixed vibe from time-to-time. I get a lot of love and then you’ll get the hate in the middle of it but its just funny, the perspectives you know, the differences between the love and the hate. As far as the hate, it makes me laugh. Everybody is a critic. Every critic I’ve ever had, they weren’t wrestlers [laughs]. Every wrestler I’ve ever had critique me, they were always into my stuff or what I’m doing out there. For a non-wrestler, someone who doesn’t even know how to lock up, and if we did lock up, they wouldn’t know what to do, for them to critique any of us, it really does pop me.

Bischoff Shares DX Regret

Eric Bischoff was a recent guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast and said he regrets not allowing DX in to the arena when they famously invaded WCW:

It’s the one thing I really regret. If I could change one moment, it would be that one where we found out that WWE was at the door because I would have let them in. Not that I would have wanted Haku or Dave Taylor or those guys to do it, but it would have been the greatest moment in wrestling.

Owens On Learning From Triple H

NXT’s Kevin Owens discussed learning from Triple H in an interview with Joruney of a Frontman:

All I can say is that Triple H is literally the most dedicated man in sports entertainment, nobody works as hard as he does. I only see glimpses of it when he’s at the NXT tapings and the specials, but he’s always available for ideas. We were talking about what I was gonna do and how I was gonna be presented, he was very hands-on. It’s not just me, he’s got his finger on the pulse of everything we do here. And we do a lot of stuff, there’s seventy people here and he keeps track of everyone. I don’t know when he sleeps, I don’t know when he works out, but he’s alive and he’s in great shape. From what I can tell, he’s a machine. His dedication is really something to behold. I’m lucky to have somebody like him willing to work with me, just like everybody else I mentioned earlier. He’s another great mind who knows so much more more about this than I do and he’s willing to share it with me and share it with anybody who wants the knowledge. It’s pretty awesome.

You mentioned presentation skills or promo class or whatever you wanna call it with Dusty Rhodes, that’s probably my favorite thing about the WWE Performance Center. Once a week, I get to sit in with Dusty Rhodes. He’s hilarious and intelligent and he cares about everybody here. That’s just really nice to see because he doesn’t have to care about everyone here. He could just care about the top few guys that are clearly featured, but he doesn’t, he cares about everybody from Sami Zayn, who has been here forever, to Noah, who just started a couple months ago and is working to find himself and his voice. Dusty spends as much time with them as he does with us and that’s really incredible. The Performance Center is a pretty incredible place to be.

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