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Ziggler and Ryback Injured, RAW Preview, Austin Back On Network, Finn Balor Entrance Botch

Payback Injuries

Dolph Ziggler ended up with a large gash to his face during his match with Sheamus at Payback. It was caused by a stiff headbutt:

Meanwhile it’s believed that Ryback suffered a broken rib, likely when Wyatt delivered the senton splash to the outside.

Post PPV RAW Preview is hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s RAW:

– Is Rollins really as good as he says he is?

– What ‘I Quit’ Match aftermath lies ahead for John Cena, Rusev and Lana?

– Who’s going into the Elimination Chamber?

– Will Barrett be looking to settle the score with Neville in kingly fashion on Raw?

– Will Naomi become the next Divas Champion on Raw?

Austin Interviewing Heyman

Steve Austin is back working with WWE and will be doing a Network podcast with Paul Heyman on June 1st immediately after RAW.

Finn Balor Saves Botched Entrance

Finn Balor turned a botched entranced in to something quite funny at the NXT house show in Albany, New York.

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