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Zayn Really Injured? Jarrett Announcing GFW Roster, JTG Writing Book

Was Sami Zayn Injured During RAW

In what appears to be some unlucky timing, is claiming Sami Zayn has injured his shoulder and needed an MRI scan today. He made is official permanent made roster debut during RAW, after being introduced as the home town hero by Bret Hart. However as soon as he got to the ring steps it seems the celebrating tweaked his previous injury, and he worked through the match with John Cena hurt.

There’s always a slim chance that it is a work to take the impact away from his loss, but it seems legit at this stage.

GFW Roster Reveal Tomorrow

Wednesday marks the official roster reveal for Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. A press conference is being held from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas at 1pm EST.

JTG Writing Tell All Book

Former WWE star JTG issued the following press release:

DAMN! WHY DID I WRITE THIS BOOK? Is a compilation of short stories all focused around the four letter word that has ended more wrestling careers than steroids, pills and alcohol combined. HEAT!

HEAT – A “black cloud” that follows a superstar after a personal conflict or misunderstanding between two individuals or more backstage.

In Damn! WHY DID I WRITE THIS BOOK, I take the reader, on a journey, from the beginning of my career, to the final curtain call; sharing stories on how I battled Heat from day one, while managing to piss off more people for writing this book!!!

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