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Zack Ryder Injured, Belfast Hate On Ziggler, Barrett Talks WWE Schedule

Zack Ryder May Need Surgery

Zack Ryder revealed on Twitter today that he may need surgery:

Fans Bored With Cesaro vs Ziggler

It hasn’t been a good time for WWE in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland on the recent tour. During the show in Dublin, Ireland the company made the error of playing the “UK” WWE Network postponement apology video, which of course doesn’t apply to Dublin because it’s not part of the UK, though the company may still be grouping them in with the same Network region. Either way the fans took it as a huge insult. It’s a bit like calling Canadians, Americans, with a long history of bloodshed in the mix.

Meanwhile in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where it does apply, even Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler couldn’t catch a break. The fans went in to the “Randy Savage … lets chant everything” mode, and somebody even chucked a drink at Cesaro. One chant even called for TNA during the match.

Wade Barrett Talks WWE’s Gruelling Schedule

During an interview with Tim & Sid Wade Barrett discussed WWE’s gruelling schedule:

If I get 2 nights a week in my own bed at home I’m doing good. Usually 270 (days a year). (Not knowing where I am) That’s a normal day, and that’s without any alcohol.

Check out the full interview below:

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