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Big Show Gets Upper Hand, Wyatts Take Out Bryan: RAW 10/28/2013


Kane Offers Services To Stephanie McMahon

If we overlook the fact that Kane has ignored the men who took him out, or that destroying The Miz is really a babyface move, his apparent joining of the Authority is just the character refresher he needs.

Big E. Babyface Build

Hot off an extremely impressive PPV bout that proved Langston is everything that Ryback, Bobby Lashley and most other big men have not been – he can actually move, and did you see that dive to the outside? – The Shield ganged up, ending his rematch against Ambrose early and helping to build him as a babyface. The proceeding 6-man-tag with the Uso’s joining Langston demonstrated that the undercard talent are connecting well with the audience.

Ryback vs CM Punk Has Ran Its Course

This whole CM Punk feud with Paul Heyman and Ryback has ran its course. Ryback can’t gain any traction because he shouldn’t be beating Punk, and Punk has become stagnate because he’s always wrestling Ryback. So thankfully the attack by the Wyatt’s seems to be taking Punk in a new direction – they could certainly have quite the promo battle. Since the Wyatt’s also took out Bryan and Bray keeps saying “the devil made me do it” perhaps he’s being controlled by the Authority and we’re going to get Bryan and Punk joining forces to go against them?

Goldust Still Has It

It’s a chant used far to often, but Goldust really does still have it and his tag team run with Cody is one of the best things on WWE TV right now. Tonight’s match against the Real Americans was full of passion – even indifferent Swagger managed to get in to it.

Big Show Gets The Upper Hand

One of my main problems with the Authority storyline is their overarching dominance. At some point the heels have to show weakness. This week Big Show got the upper hand with his “lawsuit” and by Knocking Out the champ. Though some of us want Bryan in that position, it still worked.

Big Show knocks out Randy Orton


Sandow Cashes In And Loses

Everything about the opening to RAW was a hit – Cena’s fiery promo, the excitement of Damien Sandow cashing in – the only problem was the outcome. If Sandow won not only would he have been immediately crowned a top star (something still lacking right now) but Cena’s position wouldn’t have been harmed in any way because he came back too soon. The babyface could then chase the gloating heel and eventually prove him wrong at a future PPV when 100%. Instead the same old superhero Cena formula rolls on and there’s nobody on his level to challenge him.

Nobody Understands HBK’s Reasoning

In his explanation as to why he screwed Bryan with the Sweet Chin Music at Hell In A Cell, Shawn Michaels said Bryan and the audience wouldn’t understand. It’s true we don’t, because it didn’t make sense. He basically said Triple H was his friend so because Bryan hurt him he hurt Bryan. That’s schoolyard levels of stupid. Triple H is a grown ass man that doesn’t need protecting, especially during a high profile match where Shawn is the referee. It looked clunky on PPV and was explained clunky on RAW.

Fortunately HBK went heel mode and demanded “self-righteous” Bryan shake his hand. Instead he pulled HBK in to the YES Lock. So if the Hall of Famer can display weakness, why can’t Triple H do it more often?

The Wyatt’s attack on Bryan was a surprising twist and will likely be a very entertaining angle, but it also means Bryan’s pay-off WWE title win is still a long way off, which may be too little too late for some fans.

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  • Andy R

    A few unanswered questions from RAW. With Punk & Bryan maybe teaming up to face the Wyatt’s, who will get a shot at Orton’s title? Or is this an attempt to give Randy a long run, have no opponent. Big Show is of course the obvious choice but I can see Kane being unleashed on Show in the near future.
    Question two is WHY did that let Sandow lose to Cena?
    Hopefully time will tell, but I did really enjoy RAW this week, and Summer Rae can wrestle :)

    • Keelan Balderson

      It really was a waste with Sandow, there’s no real point in him chasing Cena after he’s already lost.

  • ReallyPeople?

    this is basically building toward a “nWo vs WCW” or “corporate ministry vs. wwe” type clash, which remember, the fallout led to the creation of The outsiders, Super heel Hogan(adding Cena to the “authority” as the real leader could be the twist of the decade and the turn we have all waited for, just like hogan), Goldberg, Big show, and Permanently cemented Sting in the former, and the cementing of the Undertaker, Austin, and the rock as fixtures, and launched HHH and Foley to new heights. And both huge faction battles led to a reason to expose us to the mid card as much as possible, make their matches meaningful, and let the cream rise to the top.(so far the usos, darren young, shield, Big E., wyatt and sandow)This is what HHH lived and knows. And remember, we still talk about every single one of those guys from the two legendary faction battles, active or not.

    Its smart, safe, and proven. What it needs now is just some modern tweaks. What they are exactly? I am not sure, but in my opinion, I think thats all that this needs. Just one swerve from the formula to make this all its own… and the aftermath can change EVERYTHING we see. This is the opportunity for the changing of the guard and HHH chance to show us he knows his stuff(and the writers of course), and Vinnie can trust him…

    Now lets just hope they know what they want to accomplish and this doesn’t drag out and destroy the company like the nWo did.

    • Keelan Balderson

      I could dig that, but with Cena’s return spiking a rating I fear they’re still just going to trudge along with the same superhero Cena formula.

      • ReallyPeople?

        I honestly think because of the grumbling from the IWC about this Authority storyline, that may have been thrown back in the mix to placate the cena marks. Thats why they tossed him into it with Del RIo and the WHC instead of Orton and the WWE title.. and like I was hinting at, with a Cena turn, then the Authority controls both belts and has the last 2 “mega” satrs they have created…. just speculation on that last part though

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