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Wyatt vs Undertaker At Wrestlemania? Triple H’s Big Announcement About Reigns, Ziggler vs Bryan Tease

Was Bray Wyatt Talking About Undertaker?

Without any clear direction for Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania and the feud with Dean Ambrose running out of steam, one has to beg the question, what next?

Wyatt cut a very non-specific promo during last night’s Live SmackDown, but when he said he fears no man dead or alive the instant speculation was that he was talking about The Undertaker.

There has been no concrete information about whether Taker is fit and healthy for Wrestlemania. The only hint is that he’s plastered on some of the promotional material, including the Wrestlemania buses.

Sting is clearly off the table as they’re setting up the match with Triple H. Brock Lesnar has the main event to worry about, so Wyatt seems like the only logical opponent, what with them both being mysterious characters.

Ultimately we’ll have to wait and see. It could just have been a generic promo, or something they could refer back to should Undertaker give the green light.

Triple H Addresses Rumble Controversy

In Triple H’s opening promo on SmackDown he repeated his Twitter message and challenged Sting to come face to face with him at Fast Lane. He also referred to the Royal Rumble “controversy” and vowed to do something about it on RAW.

He even showed the end of the Rumble with the booing, on the big screen.

Since I don’t see them breaking full Kayfabe with this, it’s possible on RAW Triple H throws Seth Rollins in to the mix somehow. “If you don’t want that guy, then here’s my guy,” kind of thing. Reigns came down and plainly explained that “I won the Rumble match.” In storyline he DID, there was no being “handed” anything. So Triple H is likely going to try and screw Reigns.

He promised his announcement would “shake the WWE universe to its core.”

Triple H also hyped it during his latest interview with Michael Cole:

WWE Teases Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan

Continuing from their Twitter postings WWE has now officially began to tease Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler for Wrestlemania. writes:

The WWE Universe has already used their influence to reshape one WrestleMania, and the 2010 Champion vs. Champion bout between Bryan and Ziggler is widely accepted as a modern classic. A groundswell of fan support could make the rematch a reality, especially since Ziggler has yet to truly have his moment in the sun to steal The Show of Shows (his last four ‘Mania bouts have been a Mixed Tag, a 12-Man Tag, a WWE Tag Team Title Match and a spot in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal), a fact that probably doesn’t sit well with the passionate fan base that chants “Let’s go Ziggler” during every one of his matches. Seeing these two do what they do best would make every Superstar following their match, including Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, work even harder.

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  • ReallyPeople?

    The wrench in this is WWE’s greatest creation… Money in the bank.

    Also, what more proof that WWE has the wrong guy in the main event than the fact that you can literally pair up any of the other “snubs” for an A-list match, and the only one that has to be wedged in is Reigns.

    And I swear up and down the only way Taker shows up at mania is to interfere on Sting’s behalf against HHH.

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