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Wyatt Qualifies For Money In The Bank, Dreamer On Brodus Clay’s Release, Punk and AJ Married

Bray Wyatt Qualifies For Money in the Bank Title Match

Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose on this week’s SmackDown to qualify for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Money In The Bank. Seth Rollins distracted Ambrose during the match to allow Wyatt to get the win.

It would then appear that Rollins is not going to be in the match.

Also announced was The Usos defending their titles against Harper and Rowan.

Updates On Released WWE Stars

Although many of the recently released WWE talent are taking bookings, they cannot legally appear for another 90 days due to a non compete clause in their contracts. The only person free to do what he wants right now is Teddy Long.

In a recent interview with The Roman Show Tommy Dreamer was asked about Brodus Clay’s release:

I hired Brodus Clay into the WWE, he is phenomenal. I remember I met him at a bar where he was a bouncer. There was a fight and I helped him out in the fight. That’s how we met. He wanted to be a wrestler I told him to go to wrestling school. There’s life after WWE… you’re not going to have a job forever. It’s the nature of the beast. Some guys have a long run, and yes they could have gotten a lot more out of them, but it’s based on someone else’s opinion.

CM Punk and AJ Lee Are Now Married

CM Punk and AJ Lee were married yesterday in a small private ceremony. Congrats to them!

Speaking of Punk Mick Foley made the following Tweet:

Watching the latest epsidoe of #WWECountdown on #WWENetwork only reinforces how badly CM Punk is missed in WWE. The infamous #PipeBomb promo only grows more fascinating with time.

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  • Kent Walker

    Am sick of hearing about Punk.
    He is a good wrestler and very entertaining to watch but there are other guys out there too.
    As we all don’t know whats happening on the Punk front all it looks like to me so far and i could be very wrong in my opinion is that he has breached contract ( he may not have he could be on rec leave but as him or wwe haven’t officially talked about this who knows ) like Austin and to me that doesn’t make them very trustworthy from a business standpoint, ok Punk may be frustrated by the use of the locker, his use and the part timers coming in but so are others and they aren’t walking ( ok some are getting let go as we have seen recently, personally cant see why they let Bourne and Tatsu go but i dont own wwe lol ). Time for Punk to buck up and take what he can when he can, sure voice his opinion when he feels the need to but there are other ways of doing it then walking out when the going isn’t to your liking he reminds me of the little boy who doesnt get everything the way he wants; I’m taking my bat, my ball and I’m going home.
    As i said i may be wrong but this is how it looks to me.

    • Greg Giggie

      definitely a bunch of spoiled brat syndrome in there, but probably 15 years of getting your body damaged comes to a crashing a point & when all the part-time dudes were getting pushes ahead of him & Cesaro etc. I guess he had just had enough. As with you though, I’m essentially just providing an outsiders opinion as I don’t follow the guy into his bathroom like TMZ.

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