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WWE’s Massive Streaming Traffic, JR Does FOX Sport Narration, New Wrestling Documentary

WWE Is Second Most Streamed Content On The Web

Data compiled by Qwilt suggests that WWE have the second most streamed content on the Internet, behind gaming platfrom Twitch TV.

WWE Network Data

Thanks to the network they account for 17.7% of all live streaming bandwidth.

The data does not include on demand content like Youtube.

Jim Ross Does Narration For Boxing Piece

Jim Ross did the narration for a FOX Sports piece about the son of the late Tommy Morrison. He noted on Twitter:

Anatomy of Pro Wrestling Documentary

Mark Chervinsky sent word of his campaign for a new wrestling documentary entitled At What Cost?: Anatomy of Pro Wrestling.

I’ve traveled the country catching up with such wrestling superstars as Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and “Diamond” Dallas Page, and the men who hope to one day take their place in the ring.

What I found surprised and troubled me. Many had broken lives, struggling with drugs, alcohol or illness. A shocking number were dead. But I also found stories of perseverance, and a few of success. My documentary takes us behind the curtain to look at those who have made it and those chasing the brass ring, both asking the question “At What Cost.”

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