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WWE Wrestlemania 30 Results: The Streak Ends and Daniel Bryan Wins

In one of the most emotional roller-coaster Wrestlemanias in years, the streak ended and Daniel Bryan finally got the payoff!

Wrestlemania Pre-Show

Before the big event the WWE Network streamed a 2-hour pre-show, with Josh, Booker T, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels. Rene Young handled Social Media, with actor Hugh Jackman doing the celeb ambassador gig. Here are some highlights:

– HBK was cut off by a new Wyatt Promo. He told a cryptic story of sending his friend in to the fire. If he’s willing to destroy his friends, what is he willing to do to John Cena?

– Paul Heyman is confident in Brock Lesnar ending the streak.

– Alex Riley interviews fans outside the arena and takes a selfie with a Daniel Bryan fan.

– Football star Shawne Merriman replaces Foley on the panel, an apparent huge wrestling fan.

– Daniel Bryan says he doesn’t respect Triple H as a human being, but he does as a competitor. He says he owes it to the people to walk out as Champ … (Part of me wants him to lose just to see the reaction).

– Trish Stratus joins the panel. She says it’s time for a change for the Diva’s title.

– Check out how close they were to taking the Andre trophy’s head off, when putting it in the van to transport to Wrestlemania:

– Jimmy Hart replaces Merriman, and HBK jokes that he doesn’t even know why he’s here.

– Lilian Garcia walks down the huge ramp (don’t trip!), Jerry Lawler is next.

– The Shield are backstage … Ambrose says he wants Kane and the Outlaws to bring their A Game, because he wants them to feel what it’s like for their best effort not to be enough. Rollins and Reigns claim they are the future and the history will be history!

– Tag Title Fatal Four Way:
Los Matadores Eliminated with a Patriot Lock.
RybAxel Eliminated when Cesaro hit the Uppercut and Neutralizer.
The Usos retain with a double splash on Cesaro.

After the match Swagger puts the Patriot Lock on Cesaro but Zeb gets them to shake hands … Cesaro pulls him in for the Cesaro Swing! Is this the end of the Real Americans?

Wrestlemania 30 Main Show Results

– Hulk Hogan opens the show as host and stumbles his words a bit, but the energy is there brother! He begins to talk about special moments, and Steve Austin appears to save the day! Austin mocks Hogan’s “Silverdome” botches and teases whooping his ass … but in the end he puts him over.

THE ROCK! interrupts next!

He says without Hulk Hogan taking his vitamins there would be no Hustle Loyalty Respect, and without Steve Austin there would be no Daniel Bryan standing up to the Authority.

All three legends finish the segment with their signature phrases and drink some beer!

– Stephanie McMahon introduces Triple H, who comes out on an evil king’s thrown, dressed like a cross between the Road Warriors and Scott Steiner.

– Daniel Bryan makes his regular entrance, but with 75,000 fans screaming YES!

Daniel Bryan def. Triple H with the Running Knee. The match began with Triple H working over the arm and slamming it in to the announce table. Bryan came back by channelling Benoit & Angle with German Suplexes, and had him reeling with a pair of dives and a top-rope dropkick. Triple H threw out his signature Spinebuster and Pedigree, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the Yes movement.

After the match Stephanie slapped Bryan and Triple H took him out to quell the celebration.

The Shield def. The Outlaws and Kane, When Reigns speared Kane and they delivered a dual Powerbomb to the Outlaws.

Cesaro won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, when he Scoop Slammed the Big Show out of the ring! Mick Foley was right when he predicted big things.

Order of Elimination:
Yoshi Tatsu, Brad Maddox, Brodus Clay, Khali, Zack Ryder, Darren Young, 3MB, Mark Henry, Titus O’Neil, The Miz, Santino, Xavier Woods, Damien Sandow, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Big E., Fandango, R-Truth, Tyson Kidd, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show.

– A creepy voodoo lady dances before the Wyatts enter, and then the theme is played live by some Clockwork Orange looking dudes. Cena enters to mostly boos.

John Cena def. Bray Wyatt: Wyatt gave Cena a chair, coaxing him to ruin his good guy legacy, but he hit Rowan instead and got the win with the AA. During the match Bray Wyatt found his YES, when the fans began to sway their hands and sing “the whole world in his hands”.

– The Fink introduced the 2014 Hall of Fame class. Warrior got an entrance, but didn’t run to the ring.

– Brock Lesnar enters looking beastly. 21 coffins are lined up for the Undertaker’s epic entrance – an empty 22 opens waiting for Lesnar, which is engulfed in flames.

– After a slow and methodical match, Brock Lesnar ended the streak with a third F5. It was Undertaker’s decision at the end of the day, but I can’t help but feel he should have put over a younger guy who isn’t a part-timer. A lot will be said about this decision, but he went out realistically and like a pro!

AJ Lee retained the Divas Championship by making Naomi tap.

– Backstage the legends from Wrestlemania 1 end up burying the hatchet – Hogan’s age goes up and his value falls.

– Randy Orton’s theme is performed live.
During the match Triple H interfered and removed the referee, replacing him with crooked ref Armstrong. Batista hit the Powerbomb, but Bryan still kicked out! Bryan kicked Armstrong out of the ring and dove on to the Authority. Triple went for the sledgehammer but Bryan wrestled it away and knocked him out.

Batista and Orton team up to take out Bryan, delivering an incredible Batista Bomb in to an RKO though the announce table! Orton appeared to land back first on to a monitor, splitting him open, but Bryan is the one stretchered out. The fans start a YES chant and he crawls back to the ring for more punishment.

Bryan makes Batista tap to the YES Lock: New WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    It was nice to see Austin, nothing else to say about the segment :D

    Triple H vs Bryan was pretty good actually, specially the tiger suplex, DID NOT see that coming & I was so pumped to see that in WWE :)

    3 vs 3 tag, nothing too special, but the double/triple powerbomb was special & I liked it.

    Holy shit cesaro is strong, nice to see him getting some push. FINALLY!

    Cena vs Bryatt, atleast it wasn’t for a championship. It was clear that cena was going to win & there were couple of good spots.

    I’m still in shocked a bit about the streak ending, I’m not sure if it’s good or
    not. But even after the belly to belly at the start, taker landed in
    bad angle. He might have been hurt for the entire match, who knows. But
    the match wasn’t special odly enough :/ Chokeslam was good, everything else
    was quite simply bad to be honest :/

    Who in the jumping f*** decided that it was a good thing to have a absolutely horrible diva match in wrestlemania, specially after taker vs lesnar which had a HUGE meaning!!!

    The main event was surprisingly good, it left a positive fealing. Specially again, the powerbomb/neckbreaker double team move through the announcer table, hoooooly shit as the audience well said ;) That was beautiful & if orton didn’t have something twisted on his back after landing on that tv monitor, I’m shocked again :D

    Overall, much better mania, than the previous very many of them.

  • Greg Giggie

    they could’ve created an entire new beast superstar with a proper build & win over the Undertaker. Loss to a part timer who is past is prime is stupid…

    • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

      reigns is the name that comes to my mind, huge potential.

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