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WWE World Title Spoiler? 2K15 Release Date Confirmed, Joey Mercury Update, Khali’s Status

Daniel Bryan Keeping The Title?

In a possible spoiler that Daniel Bryan will not be stripped of the title on RAW, WWE are advertising him defending the belt against Triple H at July’s Madison Square Garden event.

Of course it’s also possible he’s set to lose and regain the belt by then.

WWE 2K15 Set For October

WWE announced today that their 2K15 video game will be released on October 28th in the US and the 31st for the rest of the world.

Joey Mercury Training Update has a new article up looking at former tag Champ Joey Mercury’s role training wrestlers at the Performance Center. Seth Rollins comments:

He is a mastermind when it comes to wrestling psychology, and the ins and outs of being in the ring. He loves teaching people how to do things and do them better. He’s a talent maximizer. He takes your best assets and makes them better. He takes the things you’re terrible at and helps you improve. I think he’s found peace. He once told me that he’s never had a feeling in the ring by himself that compares to the feeling he gets [working with Superstars].

The ECW original was also spoken highly of by Paul Heyman:

From the first day I met him, I knew Joey was a lifer. When you started explaining something to him, he ended up finishing the sentences for you, because he got it halfway through the lesson.

Joey was always asking all the right questions of all the right people. He was never satisfied with the knowledge that he had. Once he understood an aspect of the business, he wanted to understand it from different perspectives, so that he never limited his vision or his understanding to just one option.

Khali Still A Police Officer

Khali who has been on a break in India once again signed on as an officer for the The Punjab Police Force. He has been a cop the entire time he’s been famous, though it’s more of a publicity stunt for the locals.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong in extending his leave. He is an asset to the department and an exception can always be made,” said a spokesperson back in 2008.

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