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WWE vs CM Punk Evidence, DDP Health Update, Triple H Likes Samoa Joe? Jake Wants Match

WWE Release “Evidence” Against Punk

WWE are going all out in the court of public opinion to clear the name of Dr. Chris Amann. They released a video they claim shows evidence that CM Punk was lying about having a infected lump on his back, which Amann refused to treat.

In light of CM Punk’s allegations regarding WWE’s medical staff and the subsequent defamation lawsuit filed by Dr. Amann against CM Punk, WWE continues to have the utmost confidence in the ability and expertise of our world-class team of physicians, including Dr. Amann.

CM Punk claimed this past November that during the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event on January 26, 2014 he performed with a baseball-sized, purple lump on his back located near the waistband of his tights.

WWE’s investigation has shown the following:

– CM Punk did not discuss this alleged condition with WWE’s team of physicians and trainers, nor did he discuss it with anyone in our Talent Relations department.

– Subsequently, WWE has no medical records documenting this alleged condition.

– The first time WWE was made aware of this alleged condition was when we received a letter from CM Punk’s attorney on August 22, 2014 after WWE terminated his contract.

– There is clear video evidence from the 2014 Royal Rumble, which allows all to decide whether there is any appearance of a baseball-sized growth on CM Punk’s back.

It should be noted that WWE’s lack of medical records is not proof that Punk never saw Amann. Not all doctor interactions are recorded, especially backstage at a show.

It should also be noted that Punk claims the lump was in his waistband area, so may not have been visible when wearing his trunks. His description of it being “golf ball” size could obviously be an exaggeration.

In an interview with Opie radio Punk showed the scar where his own personal doctor lanced the lump. Now this doesn’t prove Amann ignored him, but it does show there was a lump of some form at some point.

It’s still Punk’s word vs WWE’s.

DDP Had Staph Infection In Throat

DDP revealed on Facebook that his recent throat issue stemmed from a staph infection:

I just wanna give you an UPDATE! I saw Dr. Carothers yesterday and he says I have a really bad staph infection in my throat but because of the operation everything is on the Heal now… BELIEVE IT OR NOT! I didn’t TALK for 2 days and have been speaking with a soft tone for the last 5 but today I’m picking up the volume a little. Hopefully I’ll be good to start teaching class next week. As for the DDPY WORKSHOPS and PERSONAL APPEARANCES… EVERYTHING IS ON and I can’t wait to see you ALL! Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the well wishes they were actually really AMAZING. Now Keep up the Great work and keep me posted! Also there are many DDPeeps out there that were concerned so would you mind SHARING this POST so the word gets out that I’m BACK!

Mick Foley Recalls Samoa Joe Story

Fanning rumors that Triple H is interested in brining Samoa Joe to NXT, Mick Foley says Triple H is a fan of his work:

A proven commodity given a new surrounding, and possibly a new look could be good for both Joe and #WWE. I remember running into Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in an airport in 2004, and mentioning I was on the way to a #RingOfHonor show. Triple H went out of his way to say that he’d heard that Samoa Joe was a “hell of a worker”. Hopefully Joe will get a chance to show WWE just how impressive he can be in person.

Foley also recently discussed supporting his daughter’s quest to be a wrestler:

My take is that I arm her with the best information possible so she can make the best choices for her. The best way to ensure there isn’t any family friction is you can’t force her to do anything. I want her to be wary of the dangers, but if she interested, I’ll support any decision she makes.

One more Match For Jake?

In a recent interview with the Nerd Repository Jake Roberts says he wants one more match with WWE:

I hope so. I’m going to talk to Vince McMahon [about it] at WrestleMania. I would like my last match, forever, to be at WrestleMania next year in Dallas, Texas. I would love to be on that show. I want to go out and give it my best, and I would be in much better shape than I probably was at the end of my career.

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