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WWE To Tribute Warrior On RAW, Linda Wins Award, Another Hercules Trailer

RAW To Broadcast Ultimate Warrior Tribute

It was announced on SmackDown that on Monday’s RAW, WWE will pay tribute to the Ultimate Warrior. It’s not clear exactly what that will entail, but it’s very rare for WWE to give an older performer anything more than a opening graphic and a few words.

It would surprising if they did a full tribute show like Eddie or Benoit. Other than the timing, there’s nothing particularly unique about Warrior’s death, and compared to others he was certainly a polarizing figure.

WWE have already paid tribute to Warrior on the Network, and will do so again with a special entitled “Warrior: The Ultimate Legend” next Wednesday.

Linda McMahon Wins Political Award

Linda McMahon received the Prescott Bush Award from the Connecticut Republican Party, yesterday in Stamford.

The Prescott Bush Award was established in 1978 to honor an outstanding leader of the Connecticut Republican Party. It is named in honor of the late Prescott Bush, Sr. of Greenwich who represented Connecticut in the United States Senate from 1952 to 1962. Bush, who was the father of former President George H.W. Bush, held numerous public and political offices including Chairman of the Republican State Finance Committee from 1947 to 1950.

The Rock Hercules Trailer

Another trailer for The Rock’s upcoming Hercules trailer has been released. Check it out below:

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