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WWE Teases Sting vs Triple H, Hulk Hogan Is Delusional, Ryback Defends Himself, Is Reigns Ready?

WWE uploaded a “Fantasy Match” video today between Sting and Triple H

Which is essentially a fantasy promo package, though it seems like they actually got an original voice over from Sting. The rumor doing the rounds since the WCW legend debuted at Survivor Series and cost Team Authority, is that they will face off at Wrestlemania, but we won’t know for sure just yet.

They did the same kind of video for Undertaker and Sting several months back, which begs the question … would they actually do a fantasy video if it was really going to happen?

Personally after seeing the state of Taker in those recent photos and the hell he put himself through last year I’d much rather see Sting vs Triple H than the Undertaker. The storyline is now already in place and they’re hyping him as “the vigilante”. Why would a vigilante want to take out the Undertaker?

If Undertaker is past having another match because of the damage he’s suffered in the ring then …

Hulk Hogan is wayyyy past it

But don’t tell him that! He told The Sioux City Journal that he even wants one last title run:

Triple H told me I’ve got nothing to prove but the last time I wrestled was not with this company and I want my legacy to end with the WWE. A final match? It could happen. Vince (McMahon, the WWE founder) said, ‘Never say never.’ And that’s what I want – one last match, one last run, one last title win, one last title retirement.

Read between the lines and it sounds like Vince and Hunter are just humouring him. No matter how man surgeries he’s had, it’s clear that he can barely walk. He doesn’t need to be doing a legdrop and taking bumps. And if he doesn’t, then it will just be embarrassing to watch. If he wants a WWE send off, then let him throw some punches at one of the heels during a retirement segment, before giving him a Ric Flair send off.

Sadly it doesn’t look like he’ll settle for anything less than a match, and is still putting himself over to a nauseating degree:

Thanks to social media, I’m hotter than I was in the 80s and 90s. When I go through airports now, young kids – 4 and 5 years old – will come up to me and say, ‘You’re my favorite wrestler’ and I don’t even wrestle anymore. But they see (the matches) on the Internet and they know what I can do.

No Hulk, you’re not still selling out the “Silverdome.”

Speaking of egos and delusions (in wrestling? Never!) …

Either CM Punk is lying about Ryback, or Ryback is lying about CM Punk

The truth is probably just that Ryback was “green” and reckless, and Punk decided to exaggerate that he hurt him on purpose. Either way the Big Guy keeps defending himself.

He was the latest wrestling guest on Talk Is Jericho, so there’s certainly no love lost between Jericho and Punk.

I went and heard part of it. Punk was always good to me when he was here and I felt I was good to him. He was never like that to my face and I felt we always had good matches for the most part on the live events. To leave and say the things he said, I try not to take anything personal anymore. So whatever he’s going through, if he feels the need to say that, I can tell you it’s not true.

It’s one of those things, it’s like, come on man. I don’t understand if it’s a personal thing with me. I don’t know but I have no ill feeling towards the guy, I wish him the best.

Of course it’s not like there’s never been big muscle-clad guys that can’t “work” in wrestling before. It’s actually pretty fun to watch monsters destroy people and Ryback has been very entertaining since his return, with the live crowds right behind him.

The same goes for Roman Reigns

Though since the rumors of him being chosen for Wrestlemania leaked out the hardcore fans have suddenly done a 180 and have now christened him the new John Cena. Apparently he can’t wrestle, can’t talk, and has no business being in a WWE ring. I think he’s as good as he ever was, so the hatred clearly stems from something other than his character – which is not terrible at all. How can you hate a no nonsense badass that kicks ass? He’s the cool silent type, that doesn’t have to speak like the Rock, nor fly like Rollins. It’s ok to have different styles guys!

I’d wager the heat stems from the fact that he was given the “brass ring” instead of being in ROH 10 years ago.

It’s not so much that he shouldn’t get a shot, fans are just worried that other guys who also deserve a shot won’t get it. Fans still aren’t over Bryan, even though he got the Wrestlemania moment. They don’t trust Vince and who can blame them?

Discussing whether Roman Reigns is ready or not, Jim Ross wrote the following on his latest blog:

I don’t think Reigns is ready today but it’s not game day just yet but I do applaud WWE for attempting to add more ‘new’ into the upper card mix and taking a calculated risk on Reigns to be one of their centerpieces. Time will tell and I assure one and all that no one knows today. I’m optimistic.

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