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WWE Targets Austin’s Personal Merchandise, Kliq DVD In The Works

WWE Pulls Austin’s Own Merchandise

Although Steve Austin recently blew off the idea that there was heat between him and WWE, the latest is that WWE sent a cease and desist letter to over some of Austin’s personal merchandise. Several products have been taken down from the site, but one shirt has been linked to a “Getty” image of Austin, that is supposed to be free of WWE’s copyright, but may have been falsely attributed by the third party provider. A second shirt for the Broken Skull Ranch uses an NWO theme, which may fall under a “parody” but WWE obviously don’t agree.

Rumors of heat between the two parties would seem to suggest this may be a little more than “just business,” and perhaps WWE are flexing their muscle. It’s even speculated that John Cena’s “springboard stunner” may be a direct shot at Austin.

WWE Releasing Kliq DVD

WWE will be releasing a 3 Disc DVD and Blu-ray set on The Kliq in July. It will feature a documentary piece on the backstage group, going over the infamous Curtain Call etc, as well as select matches.

Some of the content has already aired on the WWE Network.

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