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WWE Sued For Wrongful Death, JR Wants Samoa Joe In WWE

Cassandra Frazier Sues WWE

WWE is being sued by the widow of Big Daddy V (Nelson Frazier) for wrongful death. She alleges injuries sustained and concealed during his WWE run lead to his death. The full list of allegations include:

-negligent misrepresentation
-intentional misrepresentation
-fraudulent concealment
-vicarious liability
-fraud by omission or failure to warn
-punitive damages
-wrongful death
-loss of consortium by herself

WWE quickly responded in a public statement:

WWE has not been served with a lawsuit by Cassandra Frazier. If served, we will vigorously contest this lawsuit brought by the same lawyers who have been soliciting people to sue WWE without merit.

It should be noted that Frazier’s cause of death was a heart attack. There may be an argument that WWE encouraged him to stay obese because that was his selling point, but it was reported at the time of his release that WWE were concerned for his weight at that’s why he was let go.

Joe Would Be Asset To WWE

In his latest blog Jim Ross says he thinks Samoa Joe would be a great asset to WWE:

Lots of questions about Samoa Joe leaving TNA and where I think that Joe will end up. I don’t know the answer to that question but I can say that I’m a fan of Joe’s work and that I feel that he will stay as busy as he chooses to be. Joe could be a valuable asset to WWE as it relates to working with young talents who need to work with someone better than them to learn. Sometimes change can be a good thing for all involved. Nonetheless I can see how Samoa Joe, put in the proper role, could be an asset to WWE.

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