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WWE To Start Showing Benoit? WWE Giving Financial Advice, Lawler Celebrates With Hogan

Chris Benoit To Be Featured On WWE Network

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE plan to show Chris Benoit footage on the WWE Network with a disclaimer at the beginning of the program. The feeling is that there won’t be any repercussions since it’s their own platform.

Speaking of Benoit the second episode of The Chris Benoit Files looking at the “Kevin Sullivan did it” theories will be online next week. Here is the first episode:

The Chris Benoit Conspiracy

WWE Coaching Talent In Life Skills

WWE are now providing developmental wrestlers courses and lectures in personal finance and other life skills in order to help them make good choices for their future. The company is hoping to break the cycle of the stereotypical broke washed up wrestler.

They are also offering foreign language courses which will benefit them when touring outside the United States.

Another course teaches them how to use good PR on social media and avoid embarrassing or negative posts.

Jerry Lawler Spends New Year’s Eve With Hogan

Jerry Lawler spend New Year’s Eve celebrating at Hulk Hogan’s “Hogan’s Beach” restaurant in Tampa. Here’s a photo along with Jimmy Hart:

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