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WWE Stars Taking Acting Lessons, WGN Announces Wrestling Reality Show, Hulk Talks Cena Heel Turn

Reigns And Others Taking Acting Lessons

Rusev, Lana, The Miz and Roman Reigns have all recently been taking acting lessons under Howard Fine. He’s also doing work at the Performance Center.

[It’s certainly an interesting development as traditionally wrestling was not considered acting, and the pace and purpose of a wrestling promo is not the same as a scene in a TV show. I’m sure he can teach them a lot of things about body language, but I wonder whether any of the veteran wrestlers who are good at talking are used in an equal capacity? One of the big criticisms from older stars towards the current product is the word for word scripting of material, rather than stars being given bullet points and making it their own.]

WGN Announces Wrestling With Death

WGN America who were reportedly in talks with TNA at one point, have just announced a new wrestling reality show following a family-run local promotion in Arkansas, who also run a mortuary service. It’s called Wrestling With Death and airs Tuesday, January 13th.

Executive producers Leftfield Pictures (“Pawn Stars,” “American Restoration,” “Counting Cars”) presents “Wrestling with Death,” a unique family docuseries that introduces The Lathams of Osceola, Arkansas: morticians by day who run The Wilson Funeral Home, and professional wrestlers by night who run The Mid-Southern Championship Wrestling League. “Wrestling with Death” is executive-produced by Brent Montgomery, David George, Alex Weresow and Jordana Hochman, alongside Bill Katz and Michelle Katz for Espiritus Productions. Bill Duncan and David Duncan serve as consulting producers. Twelve weekly back-to-back half-hour episodes have been ordered to premiere Tuesday, January 13, 2015 (10:00 p.m. ET/ 9:00 p.m. CT).

Contrary to other reports, this has nothing to do with Eric Bischoff.

How Would Hogan Turn Cena

In a recent interview with Washington CBS Hulk Hogan discussed turning John Cena heel:

If John Cena ever turned heel and really stole some of Hollywood Hogan’s tricks and backstabbing tactics, I think the people would cheer him out of the building. I think the fans would go crazy. I’m not talking about Thuganomics, I’m talking about being a stone cold, heartless, no good bad guy… I think Cena could pull it off.

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