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WWE Stars Cutting Promos On Punk? Sin Cara Update, WWE Sky Update

WWE Stars Cutting Promos On CM Punk At House Shows

Despite WWE confiscating signs and effectively trying to erase CM Punk from the company, both The Shield and Randy Orton have cut promos on him during events.

At the recent house show in Wichita, The Shield told the audience that they should all be glad that he walked out.

Before his match with John Cena at last night’s live event in Orlando, Randy Orton eluded to Punk by saying: “If at first you don’t succeed, quit.”

Tackling fans head on and then mentioning punk during promos does not seem like the right formula to quiet them down.

Sin Cara Signs With Puerto Rican Promotion

The “original” Sin Cara has signed with Puerto Rican promotion World Wrestling League.

“It is an honor and a priviledge to present our newest WWL talent, one of the most exciting Mexican ‘lucha libre’ performers around the world: the original SIN CARA! Welcome to your home, the WWL,” said WWL president Richard Negrin.

Sin Cara WWL

Sin Cara has been making the claim that he owns the rights to the gimmick and that he’s going to fight WWE, but this just seems to be hot air. If he does use the name internationally it will most likely be because WWE will have trouble enforcing their trademarks outside the US.

WWE UK PPVs Update

Though the original information suggested WWE’s new deal with Sky would see all PPVs moved to Sky Box Office: Elimination Chamber, Payback and Night of Champions, will all air on Sky Sports at no extra cost.

The other events will cost £14.95 on PPV.

There is still no clear answer as to whether the UK version of the Network will include PPVs.

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