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WWE Stars Beating Drug Tests? Low PPV Pay-offs, New Network Show, RAW Guest Hosts, Rock In Baywatch

WWE Stars Using HGH To Pass Tests?

In the latest Wrestling Observer Dave Meltzer discusses that WWE stars who can afford it are likely using Human Growth Hormone, combined with allowed amounts of testosterone to get steroid-like effects, without failing the Wellness Policy. While HGH is a banned substance it can only be detected in blood (not urine), and exits the body very quickly – meaning wrestlers can take the substance on off days or when they know they’re unlikely to be tested.

I covered this extensively last year in a blog post entitled:
Does The WWE Wellness Policy Work?

Wrestlers Not Getting Paid For Network?

It’s believed that WWE stars are only getting bonuses in relation to the traditional PPV buys and not the Network. Since buys are down because of the Network, so is pay. WWE have not outlined to talent how the Network will influence what they will make and it’s causing tension.

WWE Rivals Debuts October 14th

WWE are debuting a new original series on the Network on October 14th, called “Rivals.” As the name suggests it will focus on select rivalries from WWE history, perhaps similar to the Wrestlemania Rewind show.

Monday’s Guest Hosts Announced

NBC Today hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathee Lee Gifford, will be guest hosting Monday’s RAW from Brooklyn.

“WWE is thrilled to have Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb and Joan Lunden join Monday Night Raw to help shine a light on the battle against breast cancer. These women continue to be a voice for the millions that are affected by this devastating disease. We are honored to have their support in raising awareness and funds to continue the fight.”

Rock In Baywatch Movie

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