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WWE Star Attends Indy Show, JR At Axxess, Foley Predicts Cesaro Moment, Fan Steals Orton Pic

Justin Gabriel Attends Dragon Gate In New Orleans

WWE star Justin Gabriel attended the Dragon Gate USA event last night in New Orleans. While WWE talent obviously can’t appear on other shows and events this weekend, there’s nothing stopping them showing up as fans or chilling backstage with old friends.

WWE Reaches Deal With Jim Ross

WWE reached a last minute deal with Jim Ross, who is now appearing at today’s Wrestlemania Axxess with the Godfather. No word on if he’ll be doing anything else WWE related this weekend.

Mick Foley Predicts Magical Moment For Cesaro

Mick Foley is predicting something big for Cesaro on the post Wrestlemania RAW. He wrote on Facebook:

…As huge as #Wrestlemania is, it is often the #RAW following #Mania that raises a deserving talent up a rung on the ladder to success – no easy feat in the competitive world of #WWE. I just get this FEELING that this Monday’s RAW is going to be that magic night for Antonio Cesaro.

If it wasn’t 5 am where I am, I’d go into more detail, but suffice to say, the unique atmosphere that always accompanies that post-Mania RAW – where fans from around the world state very loudly and proudly who it is they want to see, often serves as a harbinger of things to come. It’s just a hunch – no polling, or scientific data went into this prediction. But, like musician Phil Collins once sang, “I Can Feel it in the Air Tonight” uh, huh. Something tells me, we’re all going to feel it…and hear it, for Cesar on Monday night.

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