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WWE Snubs Kurt Angle? Steiner Denies Hogan Allegation, Indy Fed Gets National TV

WWE Cancelled Kurt Angle Meeting

Kurt Angle opened up to Sports Illustrated about what went down with WWE before he re-signed with TNA. He said the company actually cancelled a meeting they had set:

I haven’t spoke openly about this, but I opened up my options and was going to decide between TNA and WWE. I wasn’t going to leave TNA unless WWE was offering a fair deal. Paul is in charge. I found that out when I contacted Vince. I’ve always had a good relationship with Paul, so I didn’t consider that a problem. He decided they had enough talent. For the Vince McMahon who I knew, enough was never enough. He always wanted more. I don’t know what was going on over there, but they even cancelled our meeting. I never went to see them. They didn’t even sit me down and talk to me.

It blew my mind. It was as if I was a nobody, that I wasn’t Kurt Angle. From a wrestling standpoint, they just weren’t interested. But TNA not only stepped up, they gave me everything I wanted: the dates, the money, and it’s no secret that I’ve went to rehab in the past, and they gave me time off. You talk about a company that’s loyal to you, and you want to be loyal back. So I didn’t pursue the WWE any further. When it comes down to it, you’ve got to stick with the people who want to take care of you. Dixie Carter took care of me.

Did Steiner Make Death Threat?

Although police are investigating an allegation that Scott Steiner made a death threat to Hulk Hogan through his wife Jennifer, it’s going to be difficult to prove as it’s her word against his. Steiner admits to approaching her at the airport during Wrestlemania week, but says the CCTV will prove he never grabbed or “pulled her aside,” and he claims: “I told her Hulk introducing ‘Macho Man’ into the Hall of Fame is bullsh*t … He hated him. Everyone knew that.” He says there was no death threat.

Indy Fed Gets Better Deal Than TNA

Independent promotion Paragon Pro Wrestling has just announced a national TV deal with POP, a channel owned by Lionsgate and CBS. Interestingly the channel is in more than 80 million households, which is more than TNA’s network Destination America, who are only in about 60 million homes. is reporting that Matt Striker is working on the production, former TNA announcer Todd Kenely will be calling the action, and old school star “The Grappler” Len Denton is booking.

The first TV taping was held last night in Las Vegas and featured Jesse Sorensen, EVOLVE star Caleb Konley and former WWE star Gangrel. Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria/Tara) is also attached to the company.

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