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WWE Scooby Doo Trailer, Cody Hall Meets Flair, NXT Star Ready?

Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery Trailer

The first trailer for the new animated Scooby Doo movie featuring WWE has been released by TV Guide. Wrestlemania Mystery will be available on DVD from March 25th, 2014.

The story sees the gang win tickets to Wrestlemania only to find a ghost bear haunting the arena and locker room.

Scott Hall’s Son Meets The Nature Boy

Scott Hall’s son Cody was recently snapped backstage at an Indy event with Ric Flair:

The 22 year old is a legit 6ft 5, and has been travelling with his father and a string of other legends to learn the business from them before embarking on any kind of WWE developmental deal.

Alexander Rusev Close To Promotion?

Word is that NXT’s Alexander Rusev will be one of the next developmental wrestlers to get called up to the main roster. The company feel his has a great character and a unique look that will separate him from the other stars.

The Bulgarian Brute is now paired with his “Social / Cultural Ambassador” Lana, who acts as his mouthpiece. A recent article suggests she’s the brains behind the brawn.

“When I was living in Russia, I heard a lot of things about Alexander Rusev’s physical ability, in and out of the ring. From his unique fighting style to his incredible strength and aggression, I was extremely curious about what he had to offer. Growing up as a lover of all kinds of sports and entertainment, I was really excited to go to his matches. After I saw in-person what he was capable of, I knew I wanted to invest my time into him. I was also happy to help a man from my side of the world hold titles and become a WWE Champion.”

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    I think Rusev has what it takes. They just had to widen his move arsenal a bit to the ring. And I hope he doesn’t get the same build-up like most big men, that he just crushes small unknown wrestlers for a year.

    • Keelan Balderson

      I’m so happy they’re bringing up wrestlers with different builds. I miss when wrestling was about freaks of all shapes and sizes.

      • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

        Exactly! well said :)

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