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WWE Does Right By Reigns On RAW, Triple H Challenges Sting, Casket Match For SmackDown, JTG Joke

Due to a freak travel ban, RAW aired from WWE HQ and included some refreshing interview segments, and replays of the Rumble and World title matches from the PPV!

RAW Was Blessing In Disguise For Roman Reigns

In many ways last night’s RAW, which was broadcast from WWE HQ due to a travel ban, was a blessing in disguise for the Roman Reigns character following a poorly booked Rumble match that left him standing in an arena of boos with The Rock, when he was supposed to emerge as a top babyface. The hate is not for the result nor on Reigns himself, but because it was poorly executed.

Instead of having to confront a live crowd still hot from the night before, he was presented in several interview style segments where he shared his thoughts on the situation and his personality could come through. There was no nursery rhymes here!

One clip that was particularly effective showed him arriving at the arena before the Royal Rumble, coupled with his thoughts after the victory. It’s this documentary style of presentation that seems to suit him best, and is exactly what I called for last week after seeing the excellent Shield documentary on the Network.

Reigns is a naturally laid back person, and it seems this doesn’t lend itself to traditional live wrestling promos in the middle of the ring, especially when Vince is writing them. But following him around with a camera and giving fans the real Reigns, allows fans to learn more about him and relate.

They could have done this in the weeks before the Royal Rumble to give fans a deeper connection to the Reigns character, but then that would be being creative.

The sit down interview with Byron Saxton wasn’t perfect, but then they should have been perfecting this for weeks, not because a snow storm forced them to do it. There was too much emphasis on “performing” and whether WWE higher ups “hand picked” him. There is no need to break Kayfabe. Reigns won a fight. He can talk about pressure and expectations, but there’s no need to go that far. Fans are upset with the booking. The answer to that is better booking, not breaking kayfabe.

However it was presented in a realistic and hard hitting manner and at least Reigns came across as a real person. What could have made it better would be to have mixed it together with music and other footage. Not everything has to be live, and post production is a great way to add emotion. Just look at the Brock Lesnar packages before Summerslam.

While we can all play armchair booker and say he should do something shocking and turn on The Rock for hogging his spotlight, or have Rollins cash in so it’s Reigns vs Rollins at Wrestlemania … WWE are now at least dealing with the situation at hand. It’s just a shame they didn’t foresee the Rumble debacle coming, or if they did, weren’t so arrogant to go ahead regardless.

Other segments included Lesnar and Heyman addressing Wrestlemania, and a stare down between Reigns and Lesnar. THIS is the Reigns we need to see more of!

Triple H Wants Sting At Fast Lane

Triple H has now officially challenged Sting to confront him at Fast Lane, which will continue to set up the match for Wrestlemania.

“Per The Authority: @WWE COO @TripleH has challenged @Sting to meet face to face at #WWEFastLane Saturday, Feb. 22, 2015 on the @WWENetwork.”

John Cena will face Rusev in a match on the PPV as well.

Kane Gets Bryan In Casket Match

Thursday’s SmackDown which is now live due to Tuesday’s taping being cancelled, will see Daniel Bryan vs Kane in a casket match.

JTG Jokes About Rumble

Former WWE star JTG joked about fans cancelling the WWE Network after Royal Rumble. He Tweeted:

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  • ReallyPeople?

    The snow was the best thing that could have happened in this situation. The audience was FORCED to listen, because that is all that was happening on screen. Direct interview segments, no music, no chants, no shenanigans. You had to take it at face value. It worked.

    I still do not think reigns was the right choice, but its obvious they aren’t backing down. But this “down’ day allows reflection on the body of work at the rumble, and the build for the rest of the card is interesting. Rusev vs Cena, Bryan vs Wyatt, Sting vs HHH, rollins strong and still has MITB… Sure, Reigns winning is bulls–t, but it isn’t the end of the world as it felt Sunday night

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