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WWE Report Financial Losses, Network 6 Month Contract Axed, Del Rio Talks Racism, Steen’s New Name

WWE Announce Network Changes After Poor Financials

WWE announced their third quarter financial results today, which measures the company’s financial status for the July, August, and September months. They made net losses of $5.9 million compared to this quarter last year.

The most anticipated figure revealed was the number of subscribers the WWE Network had by the end of September. This was 731,000 subscribers, roughly 31,000 more than the last time they shared the number. Therefore it seems unlikely they’ll meet the 1 million they wanted by year’s end.

In order to drum up more interest WWE immediately announced they were dropping the 6 month rolling contract, meaning it is now literally $9.99 a month with the ability to cancel at any time.

As a further incentive those who sign up on October 31st will be given the entire month of November for free, which includes Survivor Series.

When asked during the conference call whether WWE creative were to blame for people not subscribing to the Network, Chief Strategy & Financial Officer George Barrios basically ignored the question.

It was also revealed today that the UK’s version of the Network will be the same as the US, and not a TV subscription.

Del Rio Says Racism Prevalent In WWE

In an interview with the UK’s Fighting Spirit magazine, Alberto Del Rio says the racism he claims to have suffered by Cody Barbierri was not a one off incident, he just felt the Social Media Manager was low enough on the food chain to fight back against.

He alleges there were constant racist jokes made by higher-ups to all minorities, and that the wrestlers let them slide in fear of their jobs.

Del Rio says he was originally only supposed to be suspended but WWE didn’t want Barbierri to file a lawsuit.

Kevin Steen Gets NXT Name

Former independent star Kevin Steen will now be known as Kevin Owens on NXT. Kevin’s young son is called Owen.

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  • Jorge Parra

    IMHO Best Rename so far eh… half rename? whatever, I like it.

  • Yin

    Steen will always be Steen. Capitalizing on his popularity should be keeping his own name. His T-Shirts were always sold out at ROH. Why change a good thing. Kill Steen Kill!

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