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WWE Record Financial Results, Lana Getting Push, Dixie Carter With Austin, Goldust Update

Network Helps WWE Make Record Quarter Revenue

Due to the growth of the WWE Network, which obviously saw a huge boost for Wrestlemania, WWE have posted record revenue results for the first quarter (January through March).

Revenues increased 40% from this point last year, to $176.2 million. The WWE Network reached 1.3 million total subscribers, representing a 99% increase from the prior year’s events.

“During the quarter, we generated record quarterly revenue and strong earnings growth, reflecting our strategy to realize greater value from our content across multiple platforms,” said WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. “We believe that we are on a path to significant growth as we continue to expand WWE Network and innovate faster than ever.”

“Our strong earnings growth was driven primarily by the escalation of our television rights fees and the expansion of WWE Network subscribers. For the quarter, our OIBDA surpassed our public guidance,” added George Barrios, Chief Strategy & Financial Officer. “WWE Network subscribers watched an estimated average of 53 hours of content per household over the quarter putting it among Netflix and the top cable and broadcast networks in terms of viewers per household. Additionally, WrestleMania 31 was viewed in more homes globally than ever before. Our ability to engage our global fan base reinforces our view that successful execution of our WWE Network strategy can generate meaningful economic returns.”

Lana Turning Face

In case you couldn’t tell WWE are gearing up to turn Lana face against Rusev, leading to a major push. The Wrestling Observer notes that the company are not sure whether to keep her Russian, or explain that she was putting on act.

It should be noted that she does not have wrestling experience, so she will continue as a manager or some kind of other on air personality.

[She’s being cheered as a Russian and that is part of her look, so what’s the need to make her American? This just makes Rusev look dumb for not noticing. Perhaps she could begin embracing the American life, or just lightly drop the Putin praise. Russians can be likeable lol.]

Dixie on Austin’s Podcast

TNA President Dixie Carter recorded an episode of Steve Austin’s podcast this week:

Goldust Has Shoulder Injury

Goldust has revealed that his MRI scan was to check out a shoulder injury he sustained during the European Tour:

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