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RAW: Heyman Proposes, Los Matadores Debut, Orton Bryan Confrontation

Paul Heyman’s Proposal To Ryback Interrupted By CM Punk

Paul Heyman’s trap the other week was “predictable” according to CM Punk now that he looks back, but what he does to Curtis Axel, Ryback and eventually Paul Heyman will also be predictable. What won’t be predictable is how and when.

Punk’s first hurdle of the night however was against Big E. Langston, as Brad Maddox was none too happy with the Second City Saint declaring that he was going to put Heyman and his clan out of their misery, when a match with Ryback is already set for Battleground. The hurdle was overcome with a top rope Elbow and a GTS.

Backstage with his favorite interviewer Renee Young, Heyman showed no fear, claiming Punk was a nobody until he became a Paul Heyman guy, and he’s a nobody again now they’re no longer together. He straight up challenged Punk to make a move, because Heyman’s “mere existence is a trap for CM Punk”.

Punk would make a move, though it didn’t involve any physicality. During Curtis Axel’s match with R-Truth, Cult of Personality interrupted the competitors just long enough for R-Truth to steal a victory.

Seemingly amused that he fell for the trick, Heyman went on with his night in quite a jovial mood. He told Axel that since being saved by Ryback he’s got a new outlook on life and a new spring in his step. He said he wants to propose to the Big Beautiful Man!

Paul Heyman proposes to Ryback on RAW

Later in the ring Heyman and Ryback declared their feelings for one another. “There’s one thing I hate and that’s bullies,” said the monster sarcastically. He said he just couldn’t let Punk throw everything Paul gave him, back in his face. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you,” he concluded.

The Mad Scientist blushed and said in today’s progressive world it’s good for them to be open and honest. He said he’s felt liberated since Ryback saved him and that he wants to feel like that for the rest of his life. He wants something meaningful between them, an official commitment, until death do they part!

Getting down on one knee Paul popped the question … Will you be a Paul Heyman guy?

Punk interrupted the proposal, but when he jumped the barrier he appeared to injure his leg. He hobbled around for a few minutes until a doctor came down, but it was all a ruse to sucker in Heyman and Ryback. As the two “partners” approached the edge of the ring, Punk whipped out a Kendo Stick and unleashed hell on his foolish enemies. Though Axel came down for the save, he ended up the only one left in the ring as Punk delivered a series of vicious blows with the weapon and followed up with the GTS.

It was certainly a bizarre angle, but the smarmy delivery of Paul Heyman made it work. Being a Paul Heyman Guy is far more important than marriage!

Who are Los Matadores and El Torito?

The long hyped debut of Los Matadores took place tonight and they were accompanied by El Torito, which apart from being a Mexican Restaurant chain, translates to little bull. The former Primo and Epico – now Diego and Fernando, were literally partnered with a Mexican Mini in a bull costume. The man under the attire is world renowned mini Luchadore, Mascarita Dorada, who is well known for his work in AAA and CMLL.

Los Matadores and El Torito WWE

In their debut match Los Matadores were victorious over 3MB, when they hit a Double Back Suplex on Heath Slater. While El Torito didn’t get physical, he did a lot of bouncing around the ropes and bull running.

The gimmick was always going to be goofy, but they’re clearly a fun comedy team rather than trying to portray serious Spanish Bull Fighters. JBL even mentioned on commentary that they looked familiar, so they’re not trying to insult us.

It seems like the plan is to get over the Ole chant with the audience, and El Torito will be a fun kids character.

Check him out in CMLL to see him fly.

Did you know that another El Torito has wrestled in the WWE? At Royal Rumble 1998 there was a 6 mini tag match refereed by Sunny, in which a heel named El Torito and his partners Battalion and Tarantula, lost to Max Mini, Mosaic and Nova.

Goldust and Cody to Face Rollins & Reigns at Battleground

The Authority of Triple H and Stephanie continued their goodwill of giving “opportunities” by offering Cody Rhodes and Goldust a chance at earning their WWE jobs back at Battleground, against Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins of The Shield. Of course in their corrupt world they’re doing them more than a favor. Both Cody and Goldust already squandered their previous opportunities, and Triple H joked that Dusty never made it on the national scale despite the opportunity given to him by Vince to wear the polka dots.

The catch to all this? If they lose Dusty Rhodes also loses his job in developmental.

Stephanie McMahon has been just brilliant in her role as the brutal yet out of touch corporate honcho. The nuance of her dancing to Dusty’s theme music, like she was being cool and letting her hair down, whilst also of course being bitch because of what she’s already done – was priceless.

The Shield vs Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Not one to back down Dusty demanded that he be allowed at ringside during the PPV bout, but Stephanie warned him that he might just get what he wants if he’s “itching for a fight”. With that the Shield blindsided the family, with Reigns first spearing Goldust, the trio stomping Dusty and then delivering the Triple Powerbomb to Cody.

Big Show breaks before he can Knock out Triple H

The humiliation has just become too much for the Big Show, who snapped and vowed to knock out Triple H for blackmailing him to do the Authority’s dirty work, or risk financial ruin for his family. When police came to arrest Show for his threats, Stephanie McMahon waltzed in – ever the master manipulator – to play “good cop”. She told the police that Show has been under a lot of work related stress and that they’ll handle the matter internally, not without a parting jab suggesting he was also not “measuring up” to his wife’s needs anymore.

Triple H escaped this time, but Show at least let out a little anger through the office wall – where a King of King’s poster happened to be positioned.

While criticisms that this is burying Big Show were perhaps a bit short sighted, since presumably he’ll mount some kind of revenge, once again all the heat is on Triple H. It’s not like he can have pay off matches with the entire locker room.

Randy Orton lays out Daniel Bryan

In what was supposed to be a verbal confrontation between the two Battleground title contenders, quickly turned in to a violent brawl. Both men quite reasonably believe they should be Champion, and both are itching to prove it. Daniel claimed Orton needed Triple H to motivate him because he can’t reach his potential by himself, but Orton said that Bryan was just on a role and that a “YES” chant does not make a Champion. The final straw came after Orton brought up Bryan’s proposal to Brie Bella, suggesting that one day she’ll wake up an realize she’s sleeping with “a barnyard animal.”

Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella

Perhaps the mind games of The Authority really are what’s best for business, as these two looked to tear each other apart.

It was Orton who got the upper hand with his refound vicious streak, with a hanging DDT off the apron and then sending Bryan through the announce table.

September 30, 2013, WWE RAW Results

– CM Punk def. Big E. Langston with the GTS.

– Kofi Kingston def. Fandango with Trouble In Paradise.

– Bray Wyatt said one by one, the WWE locker room will all fall down.

– Los Matadores def. 3MB.

– R-Truth def. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, after Punk’s music causes a distraction.

– Brie Bella def. Alicia Fox with the Facebuster.

– World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Zack Ryder, with the Cross Armbreaker.

– The Shield def. Dolph Ziggler & The Usos, after Reigns Speared Dolph Ziggler.

– RVD showed his 10 most extreme moments, saying Alberto Del Rio is not prepared for Hardcore rules.

– Santino Marella def. Antonio Cesaro with a fluke pinning maneuver.

Trish Stratus Gives Birth

It was announced during the show that Trish Stratus and her husband Ron welcomed their son, Maximus in to the world earlier in the day. Congrats to them both!

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