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WWE Pays Off Del Rio, Reigns Return Date, Vickie Remembers Eddie, Foley Show On Network

WWE Paid Del Rio To Drop Racism Claim?

It’s believed that part of the recent settlement between WWE and Alberto Del Rio was a financial payment, in return for him to stop make allegations of racism. His non-compete clause was also dropped early, meaning he can wrestle in the United States.

Roman Reigns Back For Rumble

Roman Reigns is scheduled to be back with WWE before Royal Rumble and is being advertised for dates in December. This would suggest he won’t be a surprise Rumble entrant, and will already be back on TV before the event.

Reigns is advertised to face Rusev at the December 30th SmackDown taping.

Eddie Died 9 Years Ago

Mick Foley Stand-up On WWE Network

It turns Mick Foley’s recent Tweet about his one man show being filmed for TV was actually for the WWE Network. He told

Well you know what? There was a last minute brokering and it appears like the show will be done instead for the WWE Network. Yeah it is awesome. I guess I kind of jumped the gun with the post. It really was like an 11th hour agreement where we both realized we were better off doing this thing together.

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