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WWE Payback Results, Brie Bella Quits, Reigns Injured? CM Punk Mentioned, RAW Preview

2014 WWE Payback Results

– El Torito def. Hornswoggle (Mask vs. Hair Kickoff Match).

– Sheamus (c) def. Cesaro (United States Championship Match), with a roll-up. Before the match Paul Heyman mocked the CM Punk chants.

– Ryback & Curtis Axel def. Cody Rhodes & Goldust, after Ryback hit Shell Shocked on Cody. After the match Cody told Goldust before walking away, “Brother to brother, you need a better tag team partner than me.”

– Rusev def. Big E.

– Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas ends in a No Contest after Kane attacks Kingston. Afterwards Bo told him that he’ll be back, better than ever, as long as he – and every member of the WWE Universe – Bo-Lieves.

– Bad News Barrett (c) def. Rob Van Dam (Intercontinental Championship Match). Barrett got a legit black eye during the match.

– Daniel Bryan refused to give up the WWE World Heavyweight Title and Brie Bella quit WWE of her own accord.

Tonight at #WWEPayback I made the hardest decision, but there’s no way I could of watched my husband @WWEDanielBryan hand over those titles to that brat @stephaniemcmahon … hurt to say the words I quit, but felt great to feel my hand across Steph’s face. #payback is a b!tch! #briemode

During the segment there were strong CM Punk chants, which prompted Stephanie to say: “These people want you to quit just like CM Punk did.”

– John Cena def. Bray Wyatt (Last Man Standing Match), when Cena hit Wyatt with an Attitude Adjustment through an equipment case. He then pushed another massive case onto the destroyed case where Wyatt lay prone.

– Paige (c) def. Alicia Fox (Divas Championship Match).

– The Shield def. Evolution (No Holds Barred Elimination Match), in a lcean sweep. The final fall saw Reigns erupt out of the corner with a spear to pin Triple H.

Sean Waltman was critical of the closing shot on Twitter:

Going of the air they had all three Shield guys standing over the fallen Evolution. They laid there for Shield & they didn’t show it. Why? All 3 guys put The Shield over for a reason & it would have been really nice to see the whole shot of them standing over Evolution. I promise you HHH would have wanted that shot to go home on. Not a tight shot of their face. He can’t direct while he’s laying on his back.

Roman Reigns Injured?
During the post show Roman Reigns said he may have torn one of his triceps muscles, though it is not clear if it was part of the storyline or a legit injury.

On The Card For Tonight’s RAW are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s RAW:

– Now that Stephanie’s plan to force Bryan to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Title has backfired, what obstacles lie ahead for the leader of the “Yes!” Movement?

– Will disaster follow Kane to RAW after he destroyed Kofi Kingston at Payback?

– Now that Cena has put the exclamation point on his months-long rivalry with the self-professed “necessary evil,” is the WWE Universe free of The Wyatt Family’s evil allure?

– Might Goldust and Cody regain their luster as solo competitors?

– Having twice vanquished Evolution in six-man encounters, The Shield strides into Monday Night Raw with some well-earned swagger. Whatever they do next will be must-see. Believe that.

Poster For July’s Battleground

Bray Wyatt is featured on the poster for July’s WWE Battleground event:

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