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WWE Network Will Increase TV Ratings? Recent Batista Photo, Roman Reigns Interview

WWE Network Conference Call Highlights

Here are some notes from today’s WWE Network press/shareholder call:

– Far from harming TV ratings, WWE believes the Network will increase viewers by encouraging old school fans who sign up for the Hogan or Attitude Eras to check out the modern era. Vince said their upcoming TV negotiations won’t be harmed because RAW is live and that’s what the market is paying for.

– By the end of 2014, they hope to have more than 1 million United States subscribers.

– There will be a one week free trial when the Network launches, but it won’t be a PPV week.

– There may be an option to pay for one year’s subscription at a discount.

Batista Not As Muscular As Before

Though he’s not small by any stretch Batista is not as muscular as when he left WWE. He lost weight almost as soon as he left WWE so he could become more agile. Below is one of his most recent photos from Jujitsu training:

Roman Reigns Discusses His Future

Roman Reigns was the latest guest on Busted Open on SiriusXM 92. Here are some highlights …

Beating CM Punk:

“The match as far as me beating CM Punk that’s– that’s something everybody’s going to have to get used to. Me taking down a lot of the top superstars, on my own. As far as cracks in The Shield–you know I don’t see it as a “weak link” type thing. I think the match up, you know like; it’s a very similar match up between Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and CM Punk. They’re all very technical-sound wrestlers. I bring something a bit different to the table. I’m a heavy hitting brawler. CM Punk tried to go toe-to-toe with me in that regard and it failed for him.”

On Improving as a Wrestler:

“I don’t look at it too much–read into that type of stuff too much but I do agree with it; you know what I’m saying? When you wrestle as much we do; we like to consider ourselves the backbone of the company. Without us, all these dates that we’re able to do; they’re just not going to be possible. We’re the guys that do the dirty work. We’re there every single day. We don’t miss a show. There’s no weekends off for us. So I think that’s a huge contribution to my improvement. Anytime you can work on your craft; week in and week out; and focus on it, you’re gonna get better at anything. So for me, it was just apart of the process. Traveling with Seth and Dean, wrestling everyday with those guys; your grandma could get better at wrestling if she was able to do that.”

On what is his goal for 2014:

“I think just to stay on the track that I’m on. Continue to dominate in these singles opportunities I get. And then when the right opportunity presents itself, I’d like to capture a singles title. There’s plenty of room in The Shield for another singles title; if not two more. I know Seth is thinking the exact same thing. And that’s what makes us money is we’re all on the same page as far as where we’re trying to go. If you’re not trying to climb to the top; if you’re not on that ladder; you’re in trouble, man. You might as well just stay over there by the water cooler and watch us dominate. So if we can get a couple of singles titles along with that US title; that’ll be key for us in 2014.”

His thoughts on the WWE Network:

“I mean just groundbreaking stuff. This is something for a damn near century we’ve been working towards. Since pro wrestling started and then evolved into Sports Entertainment. This is kind of what we’ve been pushing towards for years and years now. For the WWE, that was really the next step; to broadcast and advertise under our own name. So it’s a big, big moment for our company. And I’m sure nothing but the best is lined up in our future.”

His thoughts on possibly being the “face” of the company in 2014:

“I don’t know about the “face” of the company. That’s kind of being used right now. I’d like to come up with something a little more fresh. You know Randy Orton is doing that whole “face” of the company thing. I think I’m better than him so if we can get a one upper situation, that’s—maybe the “backbone” of the company. Maybe the “balls” of the company. Something cool like that, you know? I don’t know about the “face” of the company. Maybe the “man” of the company. That sounds about right.”

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