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WWE Network Launch Problems, Chris Benoit Warning, Joe Styles Interview

Users Experiencing Problems With WWE Network Launch

The launch of the WWE Network is not without some problems. Because there is such a high demand some users have simply been unable to sign up on WWE released the following statement on Facebook:

“Please be patient if you’re ordering WWE Network as we’re experiencing extremely high demand. Your order will be processed as soon as possible.”

This is an issue with their website and payment processor not being able to handle the demand and not anything to do with the Network streaming servers themselves.

That being said some of those who signed up using the PS3 and Xbox are having lag and general quality issues, though regular desktop PC use seems to be fine. It may be something to do with their internet connections or the apps used on those devices.

Some fans are also venting that they either never got the free week trial and were charged right away, and others are annoyed that tax wasn’t factored in to the $9.99 fee, causing a charge of over $10 in some states.

Generally however those who signed up early before the big rush are having no problems.

What The Network Says About Benoit

The advisory that pops up before watching programming involving Chris Benoit does not mention Benoit directly and is the same for all non-PG content. It reads:

The following program is presented in its original form. It may contain some content that does not reflect WWE’s corporate views and may not be suitable for all viewers. WWE characters are fictitious and do not reflect the personal lives of the actors portraying them. Viewer discretion is advised.

There is then an option to filter out such content.

Network Not Uncensored

Despite what WWE have claimed and despite the advisory message, the Network is not uncensored. Nudity that was uncut on past PPVs has been blurred (such as the Kat at Armageddon 1999) and some fans are saying swearing etc has been cut/bleeped.

Joey Styles Discusses WWE Network

Joey Styles spoke with Bleacher Report about the launch:

WWE Network is obviously, in my opinion, the biggest thing ever to happen to the pro wrestling/sports entertainment industry. And it’s also revolutionary in terms of the television industry, specifically that the television has just become an appliance.

And you can watch video content on the appliance, not just through a cable or satellite provider, but through streaming video that is provided over the Internet, and WWE Network will be able to be seen on your TV using a game console, smart TVs, Smart DVD players, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku Boxes. You can watch it on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, your mobile phone. It’s amazing.

There’s a reason these devices are called over-the-top, because content producers like WWE are not only going through the boxes on top of cable boxes, but we are literally leapfrogging over cable and satellite providers to reach our fans.

I think it will help a lot of the legends who are out there doing appearances and wrestling to get more exposure once again on a 24/7 network and have their greatest work out there for those fans to see. For those lapsed fans who are coming back or for younger fans who didn’t know who they were. They will be doing more appearances and those who still wrestle will be doing more of that.

I think it’s great. This has been said by Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart and Steve Austin. It’s great that all of their work will now live forever. Long after they and we are all gone, WWE Network will live on, and anyone who has worked for WWE will have their work live on, and that is amazing. That is a huge concept that cannot be overstated.

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