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WWE Loses Lawsuit, Warrior’s HOF Ring, Dean Ambrose On Bourbon Street, WWE Monoply

WWE Loses Broad Lawsuit To Ban Sale of Fake Merchandise

WWE have lost a lawsuit that would have banned anyone from selling WWE merchandise within a five mile radius of the Superdome, in New Orleans. At past events the company have had issues with people selling fake items to fans attending Wrestlemania weekend and filed the lawsuit to clamp down on the activity.

However the judge said their demands were far too broad and breached people’s right to due process.

The Hollywood Reporter has quotes from the judge:

Does due process allow the Court to deputize a plaintiff to determine which goods are seizable, all while cloaking Plaintiff in the protection of a judicial order?

The problem with Plaintiff’s request is apparent once one recalls that the order it requests is not directed against a single named, identified, or even described person—all the defendants are John Does, and Plaintiff provides no particular information about the identity of any of them. At best, Plaintiff defines Defendants almost tautologically: Defendants are anyone who would be a proper defendant within broad geographic and temporal limits.

Preview of Warrior’s Hall of Fame Ring have uploaded preview images of the Ultimate Warrior’s Hall of Fame ring. Check it out below:

Photo of Ambrose Partying On Bourbon Street

Dean Ambrose was snapped last night partying on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, with controversial RF Video chief Rob Feinstein:

WWE Monopoly Released has an article online looking at the new WWE Monopoly game:

In a new partnership with the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc, the board game will feature 22 of the federation’s Superstars as properties on the board, with the stations replaced with the WWE events; WrestleMania, SumerSlam, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series.

The board game will also include six custom collectible game tokens, while professional wrestling promoter, Vince McMahon will feature as the face of the Monopoly Money.

The game will be released across the US this week and will retail for $39.99.

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