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WWE Filmed Backstage Warrior Footage, Mr. T On His Speech Being Cut, WWE Signs NFL Star

WWE Cameras Were Following Warrior

WWE were filming Ultimate Warrior and his family over Wrestlemania weekend, documenting the run up to his Hall of Fame induction. It’s not known if this footage will be released, but with many backstage commenting on how Warrior was constantly sweating and seemed to be struggling getting around, it may shed more light on his death.

I have added comments from Scott Hall and Steve Austin to the Warrior page.

Mr. T Unhappy With His Hall of Fame Speech Being Cut

Mr. T wrote on social media that he was unhappy that his “mother” of all speeches was cut short from the Hall of Fame:

Thank you very much for all your support! I am very disappointed and saddened that you couldn’t hear the rest of my speech… I was told my speech went too long? Really? Seriously? Matthew 10:32-33 All the inductees were told that you, “the fans, wanted to hear our stories”, to take our time and enjoy the moment but something… I was deeply moved by the outpouring of support you showed me after my HOF speech was cut short. Soon I will post the remainder of my speech for you to read. Thank you for your support. My mother taught me to stand up for what I believed in. I put a lot of care and love into my speech… I wanted it to inspire and motivate people when they are hurting. Since my mother taught me to always try and take the high road, I will. If my speech helped just 1 mother & 1 son out there, thank you GOD!

WWE Signs Shawne Merriman

WWE have signed former NFL star Shawne Merriman as some kind of fitness trainer for the Performance Center. It may also be that he appears as a talking head for some of the Network content.

He was featured on some of the panels over Wrestlemania weekend.

Interestingly CM Punk called out Merriman the other year for being a creep to the Divas backstage.

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