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WWE Denies Blading, Best RAW Rating In Years, NXT Star Quits, Pic of Sting and Undertaker

WWE Says Blading Not Permitted

Despite a clip showing the ref hand something to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, WWE have denied speculation that it was a blade so Lesnar could cut himself a few moments later on the ring post. It’s likely they wouldn’t even admit it if it was true, so it really doesn’t answer the question:

WWE programming is TV-PG and we don’t permit intentional bleeding. The communication or contact between our performers and referees is part of our safety protocol. That said, unintentional blood sometimes occurs, and we do our best to minimize.

There have been numerous instances during the PG Era where it seemed like blading was used on the quiet. It’s also believed that some higher-up wrestlers have chosen to take the fine and blade anyway, or deliberately get themselves busted open “hard way” so they can say it was accidental. Batista was once fined $100,000 for blading in a match with Chris Jericho.

Blading was banned for two core reasons. The first is basically a PR move, WWE don’t want to be associated with such a bizarre practice and believe advertisers would look down on them for doing it. The second is a fear of spreading blood diseases, though considering WWE knows everything about the medical status of their talent this is actually a pretty weak argument.

Best Raw Rating Since 2012

This week’s RAW was the most watched episode since July 23, 2012. It drew an average audience of 5,364,000 viewers, which is up over a million from last week. Will WWE be able to capitalize?

CJ Parker Quits

NXT star CJ Parker asked and was granted his release from the company this week. He wrote on Twitter:

Parker has been in developmental since 2011 and may simply feel that they will never do anything with him, so moved on.

NXT Specials Not Going Monthly

Despite announcing that NXT would begin having monthly live specials it’s now believed that WWE have done a 180 and will be rewording their press release to remove this information. Perhaps they jumped the gun, or it was never planned in the first place.

Sting and Undertaker at Airport

The Undertaker and Sting were photographed together at the airport heading out of California this week. You have to think they have discussed the possibility of match together:

Rollins Still Dating NXT Diva

It seems the Seth Rollins / Zahra Schreiber relationship was not just a fling, and the pair are actually an item. The NXT Diva travelled with Rollins from Wrestlemania to the Today Show, to RAW.

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