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WWE Bans Low Blows? Barrett Supports Slater, Booker T Talks Punk Situation, Kevin Owens Promo

Cesaro Says Heel Moves Banned

In his latest Steve Austin Show the WWE Hall of Famer says he attempted to impart some wisdom to Cesaro backstage, suggesting he does some classic heel moves like the back-kick low blow. Cesaro said he would but WWE have banned low blows and a lot of traditional heel acts.

Readers have pointed out that their is a low blow on tonight’s SmackDown, so it may be that Cesaro means they’re not allowed to do them on their own accord and only when they’re specifically booked to do so.

Wade Barrett Supports Heath Slater

On Twitter Wade Barrett says he supports Heath Slater in his assault case. It’s possible Barrett was there at the time of the alleged incident, at the Wrestlemania 27 after party. As previously reported a warrant was issued this week after Slater was alleged to have choked a woman and dragged her to an elevator.

Booker T Addresses Punk’s Podcast

Booker T addressed the CM Punk situation in an interview with the Miami Herald:

With me personally, certain business should be between yourself and the person you’re doing business with. You never know where you’ll have to go in the future. I’ve never been about burning bridges. I don’t know if he burned a bridge or not. I don’t know. It’s a personal thing more than anything for him to walk away. He had to have a certain feeling about something. It could be a lot of things, but it’s personal. For me, I can just say I’ve always looked at the business as a job. It’s never been nothing more than me getting a script and me going out there and performing. Of course, I’ve always wanted to make a decent pay like everybody else. You have to realize where I come from and a guy like CM Punk comes from. That may be the difference. Hopefully, Punk finds his way back to WWE. Me, personally, I was one of the guys who noticed his talent when I first saw him. I brought him to a wrestling show down here in Houston when he was a kid and before he was this ‘straight-edge superstar’ and all that stuff. I saw talent in him. Then when he did the whole pipe bomb thing, I saw even more talent in him.

I felt he was really going to break out and last a long time in this business. I wouldn’t say a lifer, but a guy who was going to have a long career and give back. To see it abruptly end like that, there are so many fans out there that love CM Punk and want to see him in the middle of that ring. It’s the sad part.

New Kevin Owens Promo

The new NXT promo for the former Kevin Steen features images from his indy days:

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