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WWE Asks Fans About TNA, Foley Wants To Be GM, Sheamus Talks UK PPV, Cena vs Ryback

WWE Surveys Fans’ Viewing Habits

WWE recently conducted a survey about fans’ viewing habits, and including TNA and UFC in the list. Below is a screenshot:

Mick Foley Wants To Replace The Authority

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley wrote on Facebook that he would be open to replacing The Authority as the new GM of RAW. Mick had has several on-screen power positions over the years including as the “Commissioner” during the Attitude Era.

When asked a few months ago on social media how I would feel about another run as a WWE General Manager, I said. “I don’t think I will be asked, and would turn down the offer if I was.”

Well, after my appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, I’ve kind of changed my tune. That appearance energized me, and made me feel like I just might have something to offer #WWE on a more regular basis.

I think there is a chance I’ll be asked about becoming GM within the next year – and if asked… I think I’d do it.

Sheamus Talks NFL vs WWE In UK

In an interview with UK national The Independent Sheamus was asked about the NFL’s growing popularity in the UK compared to WWE:

I think NFL is cool because they come over once a year or whatever and I think people are intrigued by what it’s about, but we come over here twice a year, sell-out arenas all over the country. That’s consistency, and I’m pretty sure we could come four times a year and sell-out all over the country. The NFL thing is cool but I think WrestleMania would be 100-times bigger than the SuperBowl. I think you’d really see what sports entertainment is really all about and I’d guarantee we’d fill that stadium [Wembley Stadium] across the way there. It’d be unbelievable.

Cena vs Ryback On RAW

It was announced on SmackDown that John Cena will face Ryback on Monday’s RAW from Liverpool, England.

[So Ryback’s original momentum was killed when they had Cena beat him, so they do it again? Perhaps there will be some kind of screwy finish, but there’s no need for these two to clash this early in Ryback’s return.]

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  • Jorge Parra

    I completely agree, It’s really dumb to make the same mistake, I was very entertained (happy even?) by Rybacks return, really enjoyed his original face run even when he attacked cena, he was even better to me, he just needed to stay with the attitude of being a badass killing everybody no heel turn was necessary, and do cena really need this? even with a screw finish this match should have been kane vs ryback, one last thing… if build properly, Ryback (face) vs Rusev anyone?

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