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WWE 2K16 Video Game: Dean Ambrose Entrance, Remember the WWF Casino?

Watch Dean Ambrose 2K16 Entrance

2K Sports have released the entrance sequence for Dean Ambrose for the WWE 2K16 video game this week, though it looks like they gambled with making him appear more muscular than realistic – there seems to be mixed reactions about it online. If there’s one gripe I have with WWE games it’s that the characters are always more jacked up than their real life counterparts, which I assume is more of a Vince McMahon decision than something the developers want. After all he’s renowned for favoring muscle men over ring technicians in real life.

Other criticisms focus on his hair (something that still seems to be quite difficult to perfect in games) and the fact that he’s not as wild as in his current entrances. It should be noted however that this would have been created before his character had been perfected on TV so we can let them off for that one. There was a time when he was a bit less unhinged.

The video game is scheduled to hit stores on October 27th in North America and the 30th in Europe. It’s still going to be across platforms, so both the PS4 & PS3, and the Xbox One & 360, however the last gen consoles will once again be lacking all of the modes. MyCareer for example is still not there, though you will still be able to enjoy the Showcase mode, featuring a replay of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s career.

WWE Nearly Opened A Casino?

Not so much news but an interesting piece of trivia that I stumble across today. Back in the late 90s when the then WWF was going through its boom in popularity, the company had purchased real estate in Las Vegas. The plan was to open a wrestling themed Casino and Hotel, where fans could literally play casino games and watch wrestling on big screens, among other attractions. Check out the concept video below:

For whatever reason the plan never went ahead. Perhaps they saw the rise of online casinos and panicked. The building was sold for $11.2 million in December 2000, and they luckily managed to make a million in profit without even doing anything with it.

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