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Wrestling Mpire 2008 Career Edition: Now Full Free Game

Independent wrestling game legend Matt Dickie is back with another addition to the Mpire series. The graphics have been improved considerably, still nowhere near a WWE game, but that has never taken away from the fun gameplay and enjoyment that can be had whilst playing these games.

In a nutshell this game allows you to create a wrestler in a fictional world (can be altered with the real world patch), where you are placed in a wrestling school. You must fight, train and make decisions in hope of gaining a contract with a bigger federation all in great 3D graphics and with the patented over the top weapons selection.

In no other wrestling game can you take steroids to increase your stats, permanently lose limbs in hardcore matches, sell out and make movies, murder another wrestler or negotiate your contract from your pay to your gimmick control. And what’s better is this isn’t text based, You actually play full 3D wrestling matches with your star!

Wrestling Mpire 2008 Career EditionWrestling Mpire 2008 Free Download

Download Wrestling Mpire 2008 Career Edition:
The Full Game – 42mb

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