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Obituaries and coverage of WWE and other pro wrestling related deaths.

More Comments From Rey On Passing of Friend Perro Aguayo, Involuntary Manslaughter Update

Authorities open involuntary manslaughter investigation in to death of Perro Aguayo Jr, promotion covering funeral costs.

Wrestler Dies During 619 Sequence With Mysterio

El Hijo del Perro Aguayo dies after suffering spine trauma during Rey Mysterio’s 619 sequence.

The ECW Zombie Passes Away

ECW Zombie Tim “Arson” Roberts passes away at 38 years old.

Chris Benoit Conspiracy Theorist Johnny Lee Clary Passes Away

Former pro wrestler, KKK member, and Benoit conspiracy theorist, Johnny Angel passes away from heart attack.

Legendary Ox Baker Passes Away At 80 Years Old

Territory star Ox Baker passes away from heart attack at 80 years old.

British Legend Ricki Starr Passes Away

Pre-80s wrestling legend Ricki Starr passes away in London at 83 years old.

Sean O’Haire Commits Suicide: Former WCW and WWE Star

Former WCW and WWE star Sean O’Haire found hanging in his home at 43 years old.

Former WCW Announcer Lee Marshall Passes Away

Former WCW announcer and voice of Tony the Tiger – Lee Marshall – passed away suddenly on Saturday.

Ultimate Warrior Dead, Day After RAW Appearance – Wrestling World Reacts In Disbelief

WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior collapses outside of hotel following RAW – pronounced dead at hospital. He was 54 years old.

Viscera – Big Daddy V Passes Away

Former WWE star Big Daddy V dead at 43 from heart attack.

Mae Young Passes Away

The legendary Mae Young passes away at 90 years old.

Mad Dog Vachon Passes Away

WWE Hall of Famer Mad Dog Vachon passes away at 84 years old.

The Chris Benoit Conspiracy

Did Kevin Sullivan murder the Benoit family? Did Chris Benoit have roid rage or brain damage? – Let’s separate the facts from the fiction.

Former WWE Personality Cousin Luke Passes Away

Cousin Luke (real name Gene Petit) has passed away after suffering complications from diabetes. He traveled the territories prior to WWE.

Doink The Clown Dies

Original Doink The Clown – Matt Borne – passes away at 56.

Former WCW Wrestler Al Green (The Dog) Dies

Al Green passes away, former WCW wrestler The Dog and Kevin Nash’s early tag partner.

Hector Garza Dies From Lung Cancer: Former WCW and TNA Wrestler

Former WCW wrestler Hector Garza passes away from lung cancer. He also wrestled in the TNA World X Cup in 2004.

Reid Flair Dead At 25 – Heroin Overdose

Reid Flair found dead in hotel room. He was 25 years old. Death ruled a Heroin overdose.

Paul Bearer Undertaker’s Manager Dead

Paul Bearer (William Moody) passes away from Heart Attack – Legendary WWE manager of the Undertaker.

Umaga Bio: Remembering the Career of Eddie Fatu

Looking back at the life and career of Eddie Fatu, best known as Umaga in the WWE.

90s WCW Star Brad Armstrong Dead At 51

Former WCW wrestler Brad Armstrong found dead in his home after doctor visit. He was 51 years old.

Old School Wrestler Scott LeDoux Passes Away

AWA wrestler and referee Scott LeDoux passes away. He’s best known for his boxing career of 22 knockouts.

Brian Pillman’s Stepdaughter Dies In Car Crash

Alexis “Sexi Lexi” Pillman passes away in car crash on Thanksgiving; she was 26 years old.

Captain Lou Albano Passes Away

Captain Lou Albano passes away at 76. He is best known for starring in Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” music video.

Former WWE Star Test Found Dead (Andrew Martin)

Former WWE star “Test” Andrew Martin, found dead at 33 in his Tampa, Florida apartment.

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