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Wrestlemania Undertaker Hint, Shelton Benjamin Returning? RAW Preview, JR Talks Punk, Del Rio Wins AAA Title

Undertaker Featured On Wrestlemania Promo Material

In a sign that The Undertaker could be featured in some way at Wrestlemania, he is featured on early promotional material. One Twitter user managed to capture a picture of a Wrestlemania 31 bus in Augusta, Georgia, following the weekend house show. Taker can be seen on the right:

At one point the company were seriously considering Sting vs The Undertaker, but his health seems to still be a point of concern.

WWE Files Shelton Benjamin Trademark

WWE recently filed for a Shelton Benjamin trademark, which might hint that the 39 year old is on his way back to the company.

Since his time away from WWE Benjamin has worked for ROH and New Japan.

Slammy RAW Preview

Tonight’s episode of RAW from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, is this year’s Slammy awards show and will feature guest Seth Green. are hyping the following 5 points:

– Who will take home the golden grappler for Superstar of the Year?
– What is Seth Rollins planning?
– Will Erick Rowan and Big Show collide again?
– What’s The Miz’s motivation for approaching Naomi?
– Will injury affect Ambrose at WWE TLC?

JR Gives UFC Advice

In his latest Fox Sports blog, Jim Ross gave his opinion on how UFC should promote CM Punk leading up to his debut fight:

I’d surmise that Punk, a longtime MMA aficionado of the genre who has trained in Muay Thai and in Gracie Jiu-jitsu, has his training documented on FOX TV and via all UFC platforms. Fans will make an emotional investment in the Chicago-born fighter who was never supposed to become a WWE Superstar but overcame the odds working his way through the indie wrestling world to finally arrive at the top of the food chain in WWE.

Dana White’s signing of Punk was victory No. 1 for the UFC and for Punk, who likely should be able to use his CM Punk ring name because of prior usage before he debuted in WWE.
Punk’s signing was made to feel special and it succeeded with the announcement being made at UFC 181 in Las Vegas. As a PPV consumer, fans got some “value added” with the announcement of Punk’s signing.

Following the training of Punk on UFC TV for the next several months and building the anticipation for Punk’s UFC debut is potentially great, TV programming for FOX. Win No. 2.

Alberto Del Rio Wins AAA World Title

Alberto Del Rio using the name El Patron, has won the AAA World Heavyweight Title:

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