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William Regal Documentary, AJ Lee Thanks Kaitlyn, Chris Benoit Files Episode 2

William Regal Films Footage For WWE Network

William Regal revealed on Twitter that WWE have filmed a documentary about his career for the WWE Network:

“Great news about the #WWENetwork.I filmed the other day for a documentary about me and the evolution of my character from ‘Lord’ till now.”

As well as a full archive of WWE, WCW and ECW on-demand content, WWE are also producing vast amounts of original programming for the Network. Each month they will also add lots of other footage from their tape library, which includes most of the major territories.

AJ Says Goodbye To Kaitlyn

AJ Lee said goodbye to Kaitlyn on Twitter, writing:

“To @KaitlynWWE : Thank you for letting me have your tryout, your first match, your last match, and your Savage Garden CD. I could not have survived or succeeded without you. But I’m really psyched my reproductive organs won’t have to endure any more spears. @KaitlynWWE

“Also I’m pretty sure the best things we ever did were that WWE app fight, Payback, & that gif of us mounting each other in Russia”

Kaitlyn faced AJ in her last match on Main Event. Here is a gif of the ending:

Kevin Sullivan The Satanist

I’ve uploaded episode 2 of the Chris Benoit Files; my new video series looking at various aspects of the Benoit Tragedy. This time I explore the theory that Kevin Sullivan is a real Satanist and was involved in the murders:

Further Reading: The Chris Benoit Conspiracy

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