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White House Pulls Daniel Bryan Petition, Stars React To Punk Quitting, HBK DVD Listing

Government Removes Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania Petition

The Daniel Bryan #YESMovement is in full swing on social media, with thousands of fans sharing petitions and venting about the Royal Rumble. Somebody even created a petition on the official US Government White House website, demanding Bryan get a title shot at Wrestlemania. The petition reached almost 100,000 signatures before it was yanked for being irrelevant.

Me and the Suplah Hosts recently discussed whether this is a legit fan uprising against bad booking, or a clever work to get fans more emotionally invested:

Speaking of Bryan he recently told The Classical that WWE can learn a lot from the way UFC hypes fighters:

Okay, so there’s a lot of things that wrestling can take from MMA. One of the things that MMA does very, very well—and boxing does this, too—is creating personality profiles leading up to big fights, like the 24/7 stuff and the UFC Countdown specials — promoting people as personalities and how they’re training and how important this particular fight is for these fighters. I think they do an incredible job with that, especially given that they don’t have the hours of TV time that we do on WWE.

DX Legends Discuss CM Punk’s Departure

DX legends Sean Waltman and Road Dogg discussed CM Punk quitting WWE on Twitter. Waltman wrote:

“I have faith @CMPunk will end up a major part of Mania. WWE is THE Show & Punk is a big enough part of THE Show to be needed for the Mania.”

Tag champ Road Dogg Tweeted:

“Hogan left, Rock left, Austin left, HBK left…. Theses were huge stars! Superstars come and go, the show must go on! U wait on the future. Don’t overthink my last tweet. Human emotions are involved and they’re always unpredictable. We should all be able to understand that.”

Despite trying to erase him, WWE have yet to officially inform fans what’s going on.

Mr. Wrestlemania DVD Listing has revealed the full content listing for the upcoming WWE DVD and Blu-ray set: Shawn Michaels Mr. WrestleMania. It goes on sale on February 11th.


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