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How To Watch WWE Network Overseas, RAW & Smackdown Replay Update, Owen Hart Advisory

Method To Watch WWE Network Outside The US

Though you’re technically not supposed to be watching the WWE Network outside the United States, users are already sharing methods of signing up. As of now all you need to do is register through, enter a US address (or make one up) and pay with Paypal. You don’t even need to use a proxy.

It may be that WWE will close this loophole and eventually filter out international traffic, so use this method at your own risk.

The more tech savvy have suggested using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that spoofs your location as the US. You can then use Paypal or an online virtual credit card like Entropay to make payment and further spoof your real location.

HotSpotShield is a free to use VPN, though the speed of streaming may not be great.

Others have gone splits on the cost with an American friend and are sharing the login. WWE allows two simultaneous logins, so another member of the household can also tune in.

Let us know if you have any other methods of signing up from outside the US.

RAW and SmackDown WWE Network Update

Originally WWE hyped that you’d be able to watch replays of RAW and SmackDown on the Network after they’ve aired. Promotional material for this was removed the other day and it’s now been updated to state that replays will be available 30 days after they’ve aired on regular TV.

“Current episodes of RAW and SmackDown will be available on-demand 30 days after their original air date on USA and Syfy.”

WWE Network Advisory For Over The Edge

If you watch the WWE Over The Edge 1999 PPV, which is the event when Owen Hart fell to his death, an advisory pops up saying:

“In memory of Owen Hart (1965-1999) who accidentally passed away during this broadcast.”

Some of the commentary has been edited to remove references to his death.

As noted earlier there is quite a lot of editing of old content that involved swearing or nudity. All of the PPVs are sourced from the home video releases, so any editing that happened for VHS or DVD will remain present.

ECW theme music is also butchered as Paul Heyman never owned most of the copyrights to the music used at the time.

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