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Watch CM Punk On Talking Dead, WWE Network Ready For Wrestlemania? RAW Preview

CM Punk Has A Fun Weekend

CM Punk had a fun weekend, hanging out with Rener Gracie and Lyoto Machida for UFC 171, and then appearing on Sunday’s AMC Talking Dead show. UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey discussed meeting Punk during the weigh-in media scrum. He attended her fight against Sara McMann at UFC 170.

“I was totally a dork and star struck,” said “Rowdy” Rousey. “I think the first thing I said to him was ‘I love you,’ which was terrible and not smooth at all. He was super cool.”

You can check out a clip of Punk on the Talking Dead below. No mention of WWE was made:

WWE Says The Network Can Handle Wrestlemania

WWE made a statement to Motley Fool that the Network is well prepared for streaming Wrestlemania 30:

Notwithstanding the overwhelmingly positive response to WWE Network, we want to ensure subscribers have the highest-quality experience watching WrestleMania 30 and all our programming, and thus have put in place significant quality assurances. These steps include increased capacity to handle high volumes of transactions, logins, and concurrent live streams, daily ‘stress’ testing of all systems over an extended period, and the addition of technology experts to review our plan and procedures. We’re confident that we’ll be ready on Sunday, April 6.

On The Card For Tonight’s RAW are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s RAW:

– On SmackDown, The Game vowed to deal with Bryan this week on Raw. Will Triple H enlist others to do his bidding, or will he handle matters himself?

– Will The Shield face repercussions on Raw for defying the Authority?

– What is John Cena’s next move against Bray Wyatt?

– Who’s next for The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal?

– Could The Viper or The Animal look to make a preemptive strike to let the so-called “B+ player” know what he could be up against?

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