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Warrior Signs WWE Contract, The Rock and Austin On Wrestlemania? Christian Update

Ultimate Warrior Signs Multi-Year Deal

For those that didn’t see the Hall of Fame, Ultimate Warrior revealed that he’s signed a multi-year legend’s deal with WWE. He will be one of the company “ambassadors”, doing media appearances and the like.

He joked that after his speech that may all change.

It wasn’t overly controversial, but he did take a jab at Ted DiBiase, insinuated that he was the only one out of the boys who dared to stand up to Vince, and joked about DDP Yoga.

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Several Big Names Could Be On Wrestlemania

WWE already confirmed that Steve Austin was in town for Wrestlemania and he was shown on camera multiple times at the Hall of Fame. The Rock and RVD were also in attendance, but behind the curtain.

It’s strongly believed that Rock and Austin will have some kind of role on the PPV. RVD could potentially be used as a surprise for the Battle Royal, but it’s been suggested that he’ll be held off for RAW.

Sting is also in New Orleans but for non-WWE events, and has not been seen with any of the WWE crew.

Christian Concussion Update

Christian confirmed his recent concussion in an interview that was filmed earlier this week. He told The Fight Network that it would be a last minute decision on if he’d be performing at Wrestlemania – likely in the Battle Royal.

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