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Warrior Responds To Jake Roberts, Shamrock WWE Update, Mean Gene Talks Legend’s House

Ultimate Warrior / Jake Roberts Heat Update

Ultimate Warrior has responded to Jake Roberts recent criticism of his Hall of Fame induction.

Roberts told Busted Open radio:

“Koko B. Ware’s there [in the Hall of Fame] and I’m not? Are you serious? Geez. Warrior? Christ, man. That really hurts… but maybe they’re taking in assholes and not great talent. I don’t know?

The implication of course being that he thinks Warrior is either an asshole or untalented, or both.

Warrior responded calling Jake a hypocrite:

“Question for former talents now ‘hypocrite’ born-again Christians … Where do we go to find you practicing the beliefs of Christianity? Hell?

One a-hole instills honor and pride, The other horror and pity, One grows wise on great stories. One reads bathroom stalls and still grovels”

Shamrock Still Stumped By WWE’s Non Response

Former IC Champion Ken Shamrock remains stumped as to why WWE have not responded to his enquiries about working with the company. He told the Wrestling Mania show:

“First of all, I want people to realize that it is hard to see all the old stars come back to Hall of Fame stuff and me not be included in all these things. I accomplished more than anyone in 2 years at WWF and I was part of one of the biggest match that started the attitude era with Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold. That match changed wrestling to what it is today. There is not a peep from anyone within WWE. I don’t know why they won’t give me a shot in the WWE and to challenge for the WWE title. I have reached out through many different types of media and the only thing I’ve heard back is that they’re doing okay and don’t need me. I say that if you’re gonna be bringing people back from the attitude era and before that then I don’t understand why you wouldn’t bring me back. There seems to be a black mark against me and I don’t understand it.”

While the 49 year old might be overreaching when suggesting he should get a WWE title shot, there’s no denying that he was a prominent attitude era character, and it does seem a little odd that he’s not even mentioned in passing from time to time. Old School RAW would have been fitting wouldn’t it?

Perhaps there’s some heat.

Mean Gene Okerlund Interview Highlights

Here are some highlights from Mean Gene Okerlund’s recent interview with Against The Mat

The WWE Network:

“I think this is gonna go down, probably, when we look back at it, I may not be here, for that matter, you guys may not be here, but if you look at 30-40 years from now, it’s revolutionary. And who knows if the internet is gonna be here 30-40 years from now. Things change.”

Legends House:

“We did it in March and April of 2012. So you’re taking a look at pretty close to two years, but it’s been kept under wraps, and that’s beyond me because I’m on the inside track in the company… The producers took away cell phones, computers, televisions and newspapers and they tried to get you pissed off at each other. And it worked for some of us, but I’m a kind of a low profile older guy, so it didn’t, but Pat Patterson and I had a wonderful time.”

Old School RAW:

“I love Old School Raw. It’s great to see the young guys… and young Divas, that’s not beyond me, but I think it kind of mells the old with the new. I mean, you’ve got a Piper, you’ve got some of these new guys, The Shield, and of course some of these old time guys who are kind of the stalwarts of the company, you know, Hunter, certainly John Cena, but I think there’s something to be extracted from the past and what it delivers to a current audience. Because a lot of these people grew up with Piper, they grew up with Hogan, they grew up with the Macho Man, they grew up with a guy who’s going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, The Ultimate Warrior, and why the hell that’s happening is beyond me!”

The Ultimate Warrior:

“Well, you know what, he was a huge draw for a limited amount of time. He was a World Heavyweight Champion, and I remember riding back in the car with Hogan when we left Toronto and went to Syracuse, New York, you know, he had some bad feelings about it.”

Whether Warrior going over Hogan was best for business:

“Well, you know, I really tend to go with the feelings of the company. I was told this was gonna happen and this is the way it’s gonn be. We did interviews actually before the event, not that I’m letting the cat out of the bag, I would say that Hogan was against that move at that time… and he was probably right.”

A possible Hulk Hogan return:

“I kind of have to say that my hunch is, you might be seeing him shortly.”

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