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Warrior Rejects Jake’s Apology? Flair At Rumble, Goldberg Update, Rumble’s Origins

Warrior’s Rep Responds To Jake’s Apology

Steve Wilton, Ultimate Warrior’s PR rep has responded to Jake Roberts’ apology and has not accepted it. He said The Snake’s lifestyle changes are a scam and that he’s still the same deep down:

“@JakeSnakeDDT More likely you let your guard down and the real Jake surfaced. Smart business move as usual. Your whole act is a scam.”

Jake had criticized Warrior’s induction in to the WWE Hall of Fame, but then apologized when Warrior called him out.

Warrior has yet to address the apology himself directly.

Ric Flair Scheduled For Royal Rumble

Ric Flair confirmed in a statement that he’ll be at the Royal Rumble as part of the pre-show panel, and apologized for missing a scheduled date:

“To the fans, crew and drivers, I profusely apologize that I won’t be able to be at the race, but hope everyone still heads out to Watermelon Capital Speedway this weekend to support my buddy David Ragan at Zaxby’s SpeedFest 2014.”

Speaking of Flair he recently spoke with USA Today about wrestling in front of 190,000 people, at WCW and NJPW’s joint event at Pyongyang, North Korea, in 1995.

Well, initially it was going to be Ted Turner, Jimmy Carter, me and Muhammad Ali — in the end it just ended up being myself and Muhammad Ali, and some other guys that worked on the undercard (the Steiner brothers, the Road Warriors, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Scott Norton to name a few). I just thought, number one, it’d be cool to travel with Muhammad Ali. Number two, it was a challenge, and I just thought it would be an experience to remember later in life.

I talked to some friends of mine in politics and asked what they thought, and they all thought I was crazy for going. Back then I was just a team player, and they wanted me to go. I think they asked, if I’m not mistaken, George Foreman if he wanted to go. When I’m in the same light, the same consideration as George Foreman… that’s pretty cool and I’ll accept the opportunity.

It was extremely intimidating. They split us all up, took our passports, took us to different hotels, and they assigned different people to take care of us. I had someone who stuck with me all the time, from the sports ministry department. The guy who was taking care of me looked at me, and I had a Rolex on. He said “do you know how many years I would have to work to buy one of those?” I had no idea, he said “10 years.” People over there were making six dollars a day.

I didn’t even know they had a facility that would hold [that many people]. It was huge — it was a two-day event, I didn’t wrestle the first day. I watched the show with Ali up in the sports minister’s press box. They had a card show, did you see that? It was like synchronized swimming — the cards showed a couple of missiles taking off from Korea, one going to Japan and one going to America.

Go to USA Today for the full interview.

Goldberg Was never In Talks With WWE

Goldberg revealed on Twitter that despite all the recent hype he has never actually talked with WWE officials about returning to the ring:

“Contrary to popular belief there’ve been no negotiations.”

He’s made it clear in interviews that he would consider one more match, so his son can see him live, but he has certain demands and would need the right opponent.

Origins of the Royal Rumble has a new article online talking to Pat Patterson about the origins of the Royal Rumble concept:

I was working in the office and my job was to be creative, and I always wanted to do something that’s never been done. It’s like, for example, a simple Steel Cage Match. Somebody, somehow, decided to have a Cage Match. Where that started, I have no idea, but somebody came up with the idea. I started thinking about the Battle Royal, but I had it in mind to simply start with two guys and then every two minutes a new guy comes out. When one guy is eliminated, he’s out, and so on and so forth. And I knew it was going to work. I could visualize it, I could see it. There was no question.

I used to talk to Vince [McMahon] about the Royal Rumble idea, even though I didn’t call it by that name, and Vince couldn’t visualize that. He’d say, “Oh my god, it’s too long. My god, all 20 guys, that’s going to take forever.”

We were having a meeting with [TV executive] Dick Ebersol. We had a special — I think it was the first ever special live on USA Network — and it was a live show from Hamilton, Ontario. So, we gave Dick Ebersol the matches we were going to have, and Dick Ebersol, for some reason, didn’t feel the card would be that exciting. So, we’ve got to figure out what to come up with, and Vince turns around and goes, “Pat, why don’t you tell Dick Ebersol your stupid idea.” [Laughs] So I turned around and looked at Vince and I said, “Well first of all, it’s not a stupid idea.” [Laughs] It was kind of funny.

I described what the concept would be and Dick Ebersol went crazy. He loved it. He said, “That would be so great for live television. Every two minutes another wrestler comes running in and you don’t know who it is until you hear the buzzer!” So Vince went, “You’re on your own. You’re going to have to do it yourself. You’re going to have to produce it.” Holy crap. It sounded good in my head, but to put it together was another story.

Go to for the full interview.

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