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Warrior DVD Video Preview, 50 People Fired From Rock’s Film, JR Defends Cole

The Ultimate Collection Teaser Video have released a video preview for the upcoming Ultimate Collection DVD and Blu-ray set on the Ultimate Warrior:

50 People Fired For Spoiling The Rock’s Movie are reporting that a total of 50 people were fired from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Hercules movie for trying to spoil what he looked like before official marketing material was released.

Jim Ross Praises Michael Cole’s Announcing

Jim Ross defended Michael Cole’s announcing in his latest blog:

Some seemed surprised that I applauded @MichaelCole work in WWE recently on the Q&A’s here. Cole is without question the hardest working on air talent in WWE and his job has become so multi faceted that it exceeds the boundaries of being a play by play man. I’m not even sure that WWE calls it play by play any longer but nonetheless Michael does a helluva job steering a diverse ship on 5 hours of prime time TV for WWE.

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