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Warrior DVD Cover, NXT Star Breaks Record, When Was Bryan Cleared To Wrestle?

Ultimate Warrior Always Believe DVD Cover

Interesting Buddy Murphy Stat

Believe it or not NXT’s Buddy Murphy of Blake and Murphy, is the first Australian to ever hold a WWE belt (they are the tag champs).

“Being the first Australian to ever actually hold a WWE promoted championship — it is a huge honour. It’s something that can never be taken away. Words can’t describe it,” Murphy told Fox Sports Australia

We have so much talent down there so it would be silly not for them to look at Australia. We have myself and also Emma (Tenille Dashwood also from Melbourne) tearing it up here. I believe WWE will be going back down there to get some future superstars.

Bryan Returned Day After Clearance

In a recent interview with Turnbuckle Weekly Daniel Bryan told Chuck Carroll he was only cleared to wrestle the day before his return match on SmackDown.

Bryan also dismissed the idea that it was a “Philadelphia crowd” that caused the Roman Reigns booing at the Royal Rumble:

I think a lot of people (blamed) it on the Royal Rumble being in Philadelphia this year but that’s not entirely true. What happens is a lot of people fly in to see the Royal Rumble. It’s one of the top pay-per-views of the year. It’s the start of WrestleMania season.

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